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Wenzhou Nantang Folk Arts & Crafts-featured Exhibition Hall Opens
Date:2021-11-01 11:18:32 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Visitors are experiencing the making of folk arts & crafts

On the morning of October 21st, the Wenzhou Nantang Folk Arts and Crafts-featured Exhibition Hall (WNFACEH) kicked off, which is part of the “Arts & Crafts Exhibition Tour to Townships” project supported by the National Cultural Heritage Administration. The exhibition hall used digital technology to display traditional Ouyue (the ancient name of nowadays Wenzhou) cultural products, providing Wenzhou citizens with a new opportunity to experience local intangible cultural heritage.

Wenzhou’s over one hundred kinds of traditional folk arts and crafts feature outstanding local handicraft skills, rich cultural forms, profound cultural heritages and unique spiritual characteristics, which offer resources for the Wenzhou Museum to exhibit superfine cultural products. The WNFACEH is a smart museum that integrates handicraft culture, “red culture”, rural features and cultural experience, and used new digital technology to reproduce local craftsmen ’s skills. The exhibition hall will serve as a platform where folk craftsmen can display and promote their handwork s, and a channel that connects Wenzhou’s traditional handicrafts with modern development and life.

The “Folk Arts & Crafts Exhibition-tour to Townships” project is a digital mobile museum one, devised by the Wenzhou Museum and supported by the National Cultural Heritage Administration. Arts and crafts will be displayed both at fixed offline exhibitions and in their digital exhibition tour, aiming at promoting the protection of local cultural relics. Wenzhou citizens will see these handicrafts in 100 cultural auditoriums in each district and township of Wenzhou. A digital exhibition, “A Visit to Folk Arts and Crafts Kingdom”, based on similarly-themed exhibitions held previously, incorporates digital cultural relics, holographic appreciation, interactive experience, and other services. By displaying and narrating the arts and crafts, the exhibition presents the Dong’ou (the ancient name of nowadays Wenzhou) residents’ rich cultures, such as technological innovation, artistic perspectives and lifestyle. Since this May, the exhibition has been held more than 80 times, and well received by the public with added related activities, including craftsmen ’s “folk arts and crafts teaching classes” ,“handicraft skill show”, and other related lectures.

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