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Wenzhou Dialect Dictionary Published
Date:2021-10-08 08:08:24 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On September 30, the Wenzhou Dialect Dictionary was published. As an outcome of the "Wenzhou Studies" project, it is a definitive and academic work and also a general reference book, providing an important tool for the rest of the world to know the dialect, understand and love Wenzhou. The dictionary is not only a measure for Wenzhou to carry forward regional culture, but a splendid chapter on the Ou culture written by the city in the process of creating a brilliant “calling card” of Zhejiang’s history and culture represented by the "Song Dynasty Culture Charm".

The Wenzhou Dialect Dictionary contains more than 9000 retrieval words and more than 2800 word entries, which completely and systematically shows the characteristics and evolution of the Wenzhou dialect, thus boasting an academic value. The dictionary provides international phonetic symbols, and Chinese homophones and paronymes for the pronunciation annotation of the dialect. The dictionary shows not only the pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and meaning of the dialect but its authentic example sentences so that readers can have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Wenzhou's history, culture and folk customs. In addition, the audio version of the same dictionary is rendered. Readers can easily hear the standard pronunciation of the Wenzhou dialect using their cell phones installed with the dictionary.

The package opening ceremony was held on the same day of publishing the dictionary. Wu Anqi, a research fellow of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Sun Yuwen, a professor of Peking University, delivered keynote speeches through video and affirmed the value of the Wenzhou Dialect Dictionary. "The dialect retains some phonetic changes and word formation which have disappeared in most dialects in the history. It reflects the value of the Wenzhou dialect in the study of the Chinese vocabulary history". According to Sun Yuwen, the compilation of local dialect dictionaries, such as the Wenzhou Dialect Dictionary, plays an important role in understanding and reflecting a local culture and its creation.”

The editorial board of the Wenzhou Dialect Dictionary hopes that the book, like the TV series of  "Family on the Go as Wenzhou city’s IP, will display the spiritual connotation of the Wenzhouese in the new era:"integrity, innovation, inclusiveness, pursuing excellence and forging ahead" to let people know more about Wenzhou and love the city. At the ceremony, the dictionary was presented as a gift to Wenzhou’s representatives of grass-roots cultural organizations, key citizen service “window”s , chambers of commerce, returned overseas Chinese associations, mass organizations, talents in sci-tech and medical education, as well as the city’s selected heroes (heroines). Citizens can buy the dictionary through the Wechat applet. It is reported that the information on the dictionary publication will also be released overseas through the “Panoramic China” program of the China Media Group .

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