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Wenzhou Intensifying Agricultural Sci-tech & Mechanization
Date:2021-10-08 08:06:47 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Rui’an Suibo Specialized Agricultural Machinery Cooperative is harvesting

With only 10% of the total area being farmland, how does Wenzhou improve its agricultural production efficiency? Recently, the city has taken the “Action of Strengthening Agriculture by Sci-tech Application and Agricultural Mechanization”, with focus laid on implementing projects for “five measures” to constantly raise averaged yielding per mu (666,7 square meters).

Specifically, the “Action” stresses technical problem tackling in the seed industry and agricultural sci-tech R&D, and the innovation of agricultural machinery and equipment application and of business mechanism. Efforts will be made in the following five aspects: creating high-level industrialization platforms and R & D innovation institutions in the agricultural field, and promoting the construction of provincial key agricultural laboratories; tackling problems in advanced agricultural production technologies, carrying out key sci-tech project reward offering system for its undertaking and implementation, and sparing no efforts to solve thorny problems such as the wholly mechanization of rice farming in mountainous and hilly areas, and of fruit and vegetables; cultivating a number of leading enterprises in the seed industry, solving problems in subdivided fields of the seed industry, elaborately cultivating characteristic brand products; transforming a batch of farmland suitable for mechanization, and promoting land scale operation according to high-standards for farmland construction; building comprehensive service centers of agricultural machinery, cultivating agricultural machinery service chain institutions, and implementing the comprehensive service mode of "agricultural machinery enterprises + cooperatives + farmers".

In recent years, Wenzhou has steadily promoted germplasm resources protection and seed production, and elite seed cultivation, continuously enhancing the independent sci-tech innovation ability of the seed industry. The Wenzhou Seed and Seedling Sci-tech Park, located in Tengqiao of Lucheng District, has established the seed industry platforms, such as the Key Laboratory of Crop Breeding in Southern Zhejiang, the Zhejiang Provincial New Melon and Vegetable Varieties Demonstration Center Wenzhou Branch, and Zhejiang Provincial Middle- and Late-season Rice Demonstration Base. The Parkhas also selected 18 varieties, including Tailiangyou 217. Furthermore, Cangnan County introduced a tomato seedling company, and established an intensive seedling breeding base, which has driven the development of 59 tomato farmers' specialized cooperatives, 131 household farms and 1,513 farmers in the nearby regions. Wenzhou’s cauliflower seed industry has been made increasingly influential in the whole country, with the seeds sold across the country and exported to Southeast Asia, which enhanced the seed brand reputation. At present, the city has an annual output of cauliflower seeds up to nearly 25 tons, which is valued at nearly 100 million yuan, accounting for about 30% of the country’ total.

By applying modern IT to the whole industrial chain of agricultural production, operation, management and services, Wenzhou has promoted the construction of oceanic ecological pasture, including the extension of biotechnology-aided dendrobium candidum industrial chain, improved the sci-tech capability of agricultural product processing, boosted the quality and efficiency of the industry, increased its employment and income, and thus promoted the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

The city has quickened its agricultural mechanization pace with the comprehensive mechanization rate of crops up to 75.5%, and that of bulk tea picking to 95%. At the "Longevity Rice" demonstration base in Fenglong of Taishun County, the fragmented small field plots have been transformed into a connected high-standard farmland  with supporting facilities and suitable for small- and medium-sized mechanized farming, realizing the mechanization of the whole production process, which can increase the income of the local village by more than 120,000 yuan per year. In Yueqing, farmers’ selling their grown rice collectively under a unified brand reduced the cost by about 20% compared to doing the same individually, which means an increased income of 100 yuan each mu. The agricultural machinery cooperatives, specialized agricultural machinery households and rice-growing expert have significantly eased farmers’ burdens in rice growth. The agricultural machinery services particularly added impetus to the revitalization of the rural areas.

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