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Some “Fine Construction and Beautification” Projects in Wenzhou Put into Operation
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“Fine Construction and Beautification” is to paint a livable scene in Wenzhou and empower citizens to live a better life. On the occasion of the National Day, a large number of key projects in Wenzhou’s “Two Lines and Three Subdivisions” have been completed and put into use, dressing up the city’s landscape, enhancing the city’s capacity and adding to people’s well-being. It is learned that there are 293 construction projects in Wenzhou’s “Two Lines and Three Subdivisions” this year, 88 to be started and 119 to be completed. As of the end of September, 72 projects had been started and 68 completed, with a cumulative annual investment of 23.72 billion yuan, including 11.3 billion yuan of government investment.

The City Balcony in the core area of the Binjiang (Riverside) Business District offers a picturesque view of the Ou River at sunset in autumn. Designed with the concept of “drawing green into the river and overlooking the mountains and river”, the Balcony incorporates the Oujiang River landscape into its spatial design. The top of the Balcony is said to be a viewing platform with an emergency helipad, while its lower part is a commercial facility that carries the functions of leisure tourism and traffic diversion.

At dusk, the Dongyu Power Plant Waterfront Park shows a moving style by the Tanghe River. According to the person in charge of Wenzhou Fine Construction and Beautification Office, the project connects a number of important modes such as industrial heritage protection, Industrial Design Park, Urban Leisure Living Room and “Tang River Night Painting” moonlight economy. The first phase of the project has a construction land area of about 15,503 m2 and a construction area of about 3,260 m2, which integrates the functions of transfer and distribution of cruise passengers, public leisure and entertainment, waterfront stage and so on.

Going south along the Tanghe River, you will see the private museum group that tells ancient stories. The five non-state-owned museums invested and built along the River in the southern Baixiang section of the Wenruitang River receive a total investment of 120 million yuan from Ouhai Government. They are the first batch of achievement in Wenzhou resulted from the new model of running museums, that is, “museums run by civilians but with government subsidies, and collections from civilians but with government support”.

These private museums, each with its own characteristics, have played a role in promoting the cultural tourism brand of “Hundred Mile Tanghe River, Thousand Year Wenzhou Culture”, and have become a window for Wenzhou to showcase the beauty of its culture and new life. The main exhibition hall of No.1 Qingdeng Stone Carving Art Museum displays stone carvings from the Tang Dynasty(618-907) to the Qing Dynasty(1616-1911); No.2 Enamelling Art Museum mainly displays various Qing palace pottery and porcelain painting and enamel official kiln series; No.5 Garden Art Museum takes modern and contemporary art as the main line of collection and display, disseminating the achievements of culture and art while further promoting the development of local art. In addition, No. 6 Boshan Art Museum and No.7 Dongjing Paper Culture Art Museum are dedicated to spreading the local calligraphy art and passing down paper culture respectively.

In the central area of Longwan, the Qingshan Zhihe River Park is not only a waterfront greenway, but also a unique red-culture waterfront promenade. Along the greenway, there are red-culture landscape artefacts such as the Jinggang Mountain Spirit Scenic Stone Group, the Red Long March Earth Sculpture, the Atomic Bomb, Missile and Satellite Feature Wall Curtain, the Red Post, the Landscape Belt with Remarks from President Xi Jinping, the Longwan Events Theme Corridor and the Group Map of Adjusted Administrative Division. In the near future, a red-culture theme park will be built with red culture as the main theme and national defence and folk culture as the backbone.

It is reported that this year, Wenzhou has arranged 1,100 “Fine Construction and Beautification” construction projects, including 307 projects that plan to start and 346 to be completed. By the end of September, 280 projects had been started and 201 completed, with a cumulative annual investment of 106.84 billion yuan, including 56.09 billion yuan of government investment.

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