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Lucheng District Awarded “Hometown of Chinese Embroidery Art”
Date:2021-10-24 07:52:47 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On the afternoon of October 11th, the ceremony of awarding Lucheng District, Wenzhou, the “Hometown of Chinese Embroidery Art,” was held in Victoria Hotel. Participants include Hang Jian, vice-chairman of the Chinese Folk Artists Association and chairman of the Zhejiang Folk Artists Association; Kong Hongtu, deputy director and investigator of the Theoretical Research Department of the Chinese Folk Artists Association, and other relative leaders of Lucheng District, teachers and students from Wenzhou schools and universities as well as the Four Famous Chinese Embroidery masters and experts from the main embroidery production areas, embroidery practitioners and enthusiasts who are concerned about the development of the embroidery industry.

Lucheng District has long been an important town with prosperous business and vibrant culture. Its folk embroidery culture boasts a long history and diverse genres, such as Ou Embroidery, hair embroidery and cross stitch. The embroidery works have been displayed at many international exhibitions and have been given to foreign guests as national gifts. In 2019, Lucheng District was honored as the “Hometown of Chinese Embroidery Art” and won the first national cultural gold business card in Wenzhou. In recent years, the CPC Lucheng District Committee and the Lucheng District Government have taken the revival of the folk arts as their mission, and vigorously supported the development of embroidery. Every year, hundreds of embroidery art works have won various national competitions and exhibition awards. The awarding ceremony brought a successful conclusion for Lucheng District in building the “Hometown of Chinese Embroidery Art”.

After the awarding ceremony, an art seminar with the theme of “Wenzhou embroidery inheritance, innovation and industrialization development” was held. Many Chinese embroidery masters and Chinese arts and crafts masters attended this seminar. They are Hao Shuping, representative of Shu Embroidery; Zhao Hongyu, representative of Su Embroidery; Fang Jing,  representative of Hunan Embroidery, Director of Hunan Embroidery Research Institute and Director of Hunan Embroidery Museum; Kang Huifang, representative of Guangdong Embroidery Master; Chen Shuiqin, representative of Hangzhou Embroidery; Lin Xia, representative of Taizhou Embroidery; Zhou Jinyun, Asia-Pacific handicraft maste; Ye Mengchun, President of Wenzhou Arts and Crafts Industry Association and Jin Mengjie, Wenzhou famous embroidery collector. All the people present attended the seminar.

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