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Lucheng Selected as National Eco-civilization Construction Demonstration Area
Date:2021-10-24 07:49:57 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On the morning of October 14, Wenzhou was selected as one of the "Fifth Batch of National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Areas" by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment at the Ecological Civilization Forum as part of the UN Biodiversity Conference COP15 held in Kunming, Yunnan Province.

In recent years, attaching great importance to the construction of ecological civilization, and focusing on the construction of Wenzhou into a fashionable, and smart city with a beautiful landscape, Lucheng District has accelerated the green and high-quality development of economy and society so that its environmental quality has been constantly improved, the achievements in pollution prevention and control consolidated, and the human living environment achieved sustained sound growth.

In water environment control, Lucheng District has ecologically restored 132 rivers, and newly built and reconstructed 472 km of drainage network. As a result, the proportion of class I-class III water quality in surface water sections under national- and provincial- level control increased from 66.7% to 100%, that of sections under municipal-level and above control reached 75%, and all inferior class V water bodies eliminated. The water quality of centralized drinking water sources in the cities above county level has fully reached related standards for five consecutive years, winning a Dayu Ding, a trophy of top grade for the comprehensive management of water in five aspects in Zhejiang Province.

In terms of air environment prevention and control, Lucheng District comprehensively promoted the environmental rectification and upgrading of the six industries of shoe-making, industrial coatings, packaging and printing, non-ferrous metals, agricultural and sideline products, and waste plastics. It is preparing to establish a waste gas treatment alliance, and issue and implement the city's first regional VOC control plan for the shoe-making industry. In recent years, with the above measures, the excellent and good air rate in Lucheng has increased from 86.8% to 96.4%, without heavy and serious pollution days and with PM2.5 being 25 μ g / m3 , a decrease of 43.2% compared with 2015, throughout the year,  .

On this basis, Lucheng opened up channels for the conversion of ecological advantages into wealth, and thus ushered in the vigorous development of ecological economy. In the district accounting for 2.5% area of the city, gathered 30% of provincial and municipal modern service industry clusters, 50% of provincial and municipal key cultural industry parks, 82% of headquarters buildings and more than 90% of regional headquarters of financial institutions of the whole city. The comprehensive strength of its modern service industry ranks third in class I urban areas of the province, and the green development index is rated first in the city and ninth in the province.

In recent years, Lucheng has sustainably promoted the construction of ecological civilization, improved living environment, and advanced “scale and quality construction". Last year, the district started 97 such construction projects and completed 43, ranking first in the number of starting and completing projects in the city. In addition, Lucheng will further promote the pilot of green life, striving to make the promotion a new highlight in the pilot and demonstration of ecological civilization construction.

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