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Wenzhou to Forge a Customization Center for China’s Fashion Consumption
Date:2021-10-19 08:03:35 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

If you stick your feet into the scanning area of the 3D intelligent foot scanner, the system will automatically measure and generate a foot shape report through infra-radiation, and give you advice on the appropriate insole type and daily activities for healthy travel. Such fashionable customized products are becoming the new fashion in Wenzhou nowadays. According to the recently issued Implementation Plan for Cultivating “Wenzhou New Consumption” and Accelerating the Creation of Regional Consumption Center City, in order to release the driving force of consumption engine, Wenzhou will integrate personal image design, private customization and fashion corridor as one, and promote the construction of such fashion display and sales centers as the luxury goods display and trading center, fashion home furnishing display and trading center and fashion industry brand operation center to create a “customization center” for China’s fashion consumption.

In the blueprint of China’s fashion consumer customization center, Wenzhou will build the G104 fashion corridor which specifies the Districts of Lucheng and Ouhai as key cores, the two fashion industry belts of Yongjia and Longwan as enlargements, and the key fashion areas of Rui’an, Pingyang, Cangnan and Longgang as extensions. That way, the overall structure of “two cores, two belts and multiple dots” will be erected. The key areas will be laid out with a number of fashion  featured intelligent manufacturing parks and develop distinctive fashion industry clusters.

At the same time, Wenzhou will popularize the production mode of fashion customization, mould fashionable, personalized and boutique customization services, coordinately develop new modes of shared consumption, customized consumption and experience consumption, and create a flexible customization cluster for men’s clothing, professional clothing and school uniforms, a customization center for women’s haute couture and a gathering center for independent designer brands of clothing.

Wenzhou demonstrates obvious strengths in building the customization center for China’s fashion consumption. In May 2017, “China Fashion Customization Demonstration Base” was settled in Wenzhou and Wenzhou homes more than 8,000 shoe&leather enterprises, over 2,400 garment enterprises and over 700 eyewear and supporting enterprises. As the most representative industry of the fashion industry, Wenzhou garment fashion customization industry has formed large-scale  benchmark enterprises of personalized flexible customization represented by SAINT ANGELO and JUDGER, a full-range private customization mode represented by Jodoll and PASTEUR etc., a number of factories with ingenuity and customization such as DONGMENG, JINYUANYANG and BIKK MOSAILEO, and customized stores with original designs such as ROLLROCK, YANZHIZHUANG and YSJ. A group of customization representatives with the core of featured categories such as SEMIR school uniforms, Zhongse shirts and Roushi cheongsam are seeking transformation through personalized customization.

Shao Hongjie, Deputy Director of China Garment Fashion Customization Professional Committee, who has visited Wenzhou several times to study garment customization, believes that Wenzhou enjoys a big market for fashion customization. In his opinion, Wenzhou garment industry should give full play to the advantages of Wenzhou, and seek an industry with its own characteristics and innovations rather than one that is large and comprehensive. At the same time, it needs to innovate trade models, strengthen cooperation in digital information, new materials and garment manufacturing, and facilitate the development of digital technology and intelligent industries.

To provide technical and channel support for customized consumer goods, Wenzhou will vigorously introduce and cultivate intelligent transformation service providers and industrial design service providers, strengthen the application of new technologies, new techniques and new materials, set up an innovative design system of “design + R&D + user experience”, and cultivate a group of industrial live broadcast institutions, net-famous brands, web celebrities and industrial live broadcast bases, so that by 2022, Wenzhou will have achieved an online retail sales volume of 160 billion yuan and a cross-border e-commerce online retail sales (exports) of 16 billion yuan.

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