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Wenzhou Central Hospital (the Second People’s Hospital of Wenzhou)
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As one of the three hospitals with a history longer than 100 years in Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou Central Hospital (Wenzhou Tumor Hospital, Wenzhou Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Science) is now a Grade A comprehensive hospital offering medical treatment, training, scientific research, disease prevention, healthcare and rehabilitation services. Founded in 1897 (the 23rd year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu in Qing Dynasty), the hospital was formerly known as Dingley Hospital, Blyey Hospital and the Second People’s Hospital of Wenzhou in history. During the period 2002-2003, the then Second People’s Hospital merged with Wenzhou Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Science, the Fifth People’s Hospital of Wenzhou, and Wenzhou Tumor Hospital into a medical group of “three hospitals plus one institute”. In 2008, the Hospital was affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University to launch the Dingley School of Clinical Medicine. In 2012, the Hospital was upgraded into a Grade A hospital and was renamed Wenzhou Central Hospital. In 2015, the Wenzhou Central Hospital Medical Group was established. In 2016, the Hospital was designated as a national comprehensive stroke center. The Hospital has three branches with a total area of 111 mu (approximately 74,000 square meters) and a total construction area of 122,000 square meters. The Hospital has a staff of 2003 including 248 holders of senior professional titles. The Hospital has 1406 beds in service (1250 approved beds), 38 wards, 38 clinical specialties, and 20 medical technology departments. On average, the Hospital handles over 5000 outpatient visits every day and nearly 50, 000 discharges of inpatients. The Hospital boasts 2 key disciplines (neurology, tumor radiotherapy) jointly constructed by Wenzhou and Zhejiang, 2 regional specialty centers (neurosurgery, blood medicine) of Zhejiang Province, and 5 Wenzhou municipal key discipline groups (neurosurgical tumor diagnosis and treatment, brain science, prenatal diagnosis, brain vascular disease, and infectious disease), 14 Wenzhou municipal key medical disciplines, 9 municipal level clinical improvement organizations, and 17 medical technology guidance centers. In the meantime, the Hospital isundertaking major academic and scientific research tasks from the Stroke Screening, Prevention and Control Base Hospital of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Wenzhou Prenatal Diagnosis Center, and Wenzhou Key Laboratory of Birth Deficiency. At present, the hospital group is running 30 subordinate hospitals.

The scientific research strength of the Hospital has been constantly growing: in recent 5 years, the Hospital has gained 3 research programs funded by the Ministry of Health, 7 programs funded by provincial and ministerial funding, 1 program jointly constructed by Wenzhou and Zhejiang and 18 programs funded by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Health. The Hospital has won honors including 1 second prize and 6 third prizes of the Zhejiang Provincial Medical and Healthcare Technology Innovation Award, 4 third prizes of the Wenzhou Municipal Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 2 second prizes and 7 third prizes of the Wenzhou Yongle Scientific and Technological Achievement Award.

The Hospital has been constantly keeping its diagnosis and treatment facilities updated: at present, the Hospital boasts a large number of advanced medical equipment including Siemens 3.0T super-conduction magnetic resonance imaging system (MR), Philips double-gradient magnetic resonance (MR), GE64 row positron emission tomography (PET-CT), Siemens digital plate angiography (DSA), 128-layer 4D spiral CT, Varian straight accelerator, Olympus large biochemical analyzer, the US-made ABI3130 gene sequencer, Toshiba digital multi-function X-ray system (ERCP only), Olympus ultrasound gastroscope, Nextseq CN500 high throughput sequencer.

The Second People’s Hospital of Wenzhou

Address: Conjunction of Kanglefang Rd. and West Jiangbin Rd., Lucheng District, Wenzhou;

Bus Routes:

1, Get off at the stop of Kanglefang of Bus No. 93, 84, 6, 25, 29, 38, 43, 45, 106, 92, 87;

2, Get off at the stop of Bailifang of Bus No. 38, 42, 115, 105, 103, 87.

Tumor and Cancer Branch, the Second People’s Hospital of Wenzhou

Address: Xiayin, Wenzhou;

Bus Routes: No. 2, 5, 10, 14, 14 (temporary), 28, 43, 55, 59, 65;

Minibus Routes: No.101, 105, 106, 111, 202, 301;

Telephone: 0577-88181606.

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