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Health Service Center Project in Tengqiao, Lucheng District
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I. Project No.:

Public Service 30

Ⅱ. Project Location:

Tengqiao New Ecological Area in Lucheng District

Ⅲ.Project Planning, Background and Construction Conditions:

With the aging population rising, the urban aged care witnessed a series of problems because of the shortage of the old-age services and the increasing imbalance between areas. The obviously inadequate coverage of the old-age services of both public-owned and private-owned in rural and underdeveloped towns widens the contradiction between supply and demand in aging service. In Tengqiao, there were about 24,000 people over 60 years old by 2011, accounting for 28.7% of the total population. The aging problem is so serious that there are lots of empty-nesters living without being taken care of. Now there are 4 seniors’ homes with 70 beds and 13 administrators. Thirty eight seniors are staying there free (they are all five-guarantee-family members, i.e the aged, the infirm, old widows and orphans who are guaranteed food, clothing, medical care, housing and burial expenses by the communes.)

After a new round of administrative division adjustment, the original seniors’ homes, scattered and small-scaled and hard of management, are unable to satisfy the basic demand of the five-guarantee-family members, to say nothing of the needs of other old people in the town. According to the “Guidelines of Wenzhou Municipal People's Government on Accelerating the Construction of System of Social Services for Seniors” (Wenzhou Government [2012] No. 29), a large-sized aged care center covering 100 mu(66,666.67 square meters)will be built in the town during the 12th Five-Year Plan. Through setting up a sound social investment mechanism, the basic service infrastructures in the western part of our district will be fully optimized and enhanced to meet the economic and social development and people's various needs.

IV. Construction Scale, Content and Investment Estimation:

In terms of the multi-leveled and multi-structured requirements for health and longevity, it is imperative that we should build housing, medical care centers, cultural and recreational activity centers, and the modern, high-quality health service area for the elderly to enjoy their rights to medical and old-age care, education and entertainment. Using the hillside land, the construction area will cover 500 to 800 mu(333,335 to 533,336 square meters), and the total investment will be about 800 million yuan.  

Ⅴ.Preparation or Progress:

The feasibility study report is being prepared and the land, policies and related facilities will be provided.

Ⅵ. Way of Cooperation:

BOT Investment

VII. Contact Details:

Unit to Contact: Civil Affairs Bureau of Lucheng District

Person to Contact: Gu Xiaodong

Tel: +86-13758710333

Fax:  +86-577 -88349883

Add: 128, North Hongdian Road, Wenzhou

Post Code: 325000


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