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Camellia Breeding and Tea-oil Production Upgrading Project in Qiaodun, Cangnan
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I. Project No.:

Modern Agriculture 24

II. Project Location:

Qiaodun Town of Cangnan County

III. Project Planning, Background and Construction Conditions:

Located in western Cangnan County, Qiaodun covers an area of 179.9 km2. Among its 127.2 km2 woodland, 50,000 mu (3,333 ha) is suitable for growing tea oil camellia. It is the largest town of Cangnan County, and a prioritized tea oil production area in Zhejiang Province. In addition, 12,000 mu (800 ha) of Cangnan’s 24,300 mu (1,620 ha) tea oil camellia is at Qiangdun, in which 7,000 mu (467 ha) of is low yield, 3,000 mu (200 ha) was newly planted and 2000 mu (134 ha) recently upgraded. Tea oil, as a local pillar industry, has been given strong support to by the local government. Main production areas in Qiaodun include Dalong, Juxi, Tengyang, and Wufeng. In 2008, tea oil produced by Huazhou Wild Tea Oil Cooperative (2,000 mu) was certified by State Administration of Environmental Protection as organic food. In 2010, seedling nursery and mother bush garden of 30 mu (2 ha) was built at Xiaoyuan Village, with an annual capacity of over 800,000 quality seedlings. There are currently 17 tea oil cooperatives and 1 seed processing company in Qiaodun. The company has an annual tea oil capacity of 20 tons, worth 3.8 million yuan. Lacking funds and advanced technology, these cooperatives are in urgent need of cooperation with foreign companies to improve their camellia quality and increase their income.

IV. Construction Scale, Content and Investment Estimation:

The project occupies a land area of about 20 mu (1.3 ha). An estimated total investment of 50 million yuan is needed, to be used mainly in improvement of tea garden and seed processing facilities, and in standardized efforts at key production bases, building of new camellia gardens, equipment upgrade and brand promotion .

V. Preparation or Progress:

Project land is in expropriation.

VI. Ways of Cooperation:

Project participation shall follow the principle of government-led and commercialized operation, investment diversification, balanced use of land, and entirely capital operation. Project land will be provided by Qiaodun government and applied to relevant local policies. Domestic and foreign professional investment companies, including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan based ones, are welcome.

VII. Contact Details:

Unit to Contact: Qiaodun People’s Government, Cangnan County

Person to Contact: Liu Huarong

Tel: +86-13858755261

Fax: +86-0577-64611436

Add: 56 Zhenfu Road, Qiaodun Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, PRC, 325806

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