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Agritourism Area Project in Lingxi, Cangnan
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I. Project No.:

Modern Agriculture 28

II. Project Location:

Lingxi Town of Cangnan County

III. Project Planning, Background and Construction Conditions:

Lingxi is located at the center of Cangnan’s Jiangnan Plain, and has a population of 325,000. As one of the most developed towns of Wenzhou, it is a place full of vibrant business activities. Many businessmen have come from other areas, and local residents have strong intent to purchase. The project site is at Yanlian Village and Taohu Village, 600 m from a Shenyang-Haikou Expressway exit. Convenient transportation is also ensured by No.104 State Highway and No.78 Zhejiang Provincial Highway that pass through. Preliminary work for the 1 billion yuan Hengyangzhi River Water Conservancy Project has already begun at Lingxi, a National Exemplary Village for Water Conservancy and Ecological Protection. The beautiful riverside is the best place for angling. This project at Yanlian and Taohu is planned to cover an area of 1,000 mu (67 ha), including construction land of over 500 mu (34 ha). The project site is on a flat terrain surrounded by beautiful green hills at three sides. There are adequate water resources and warm sunshine necessary for agricultural production. The two villages are clean and beautiful with high greening coverage. Villagers are simple and honest, well-educated, and led by capable village chiefs and Party Secretaries. There are many historic sites nearby, including Number One Scholar Memorial Corridor developed by local villagers to connect local tourist attractions. Along the corridor, there exist tomb of Xu Yanfu, a Song dynasty Zhuangyuan, a title literally meaning Number One Scholar that is conferred on someone who comes first in the highest imperial examination; Zhuangyuan Guyun Hill; Memorial to Zhang Chaoying, a Qing dynasty successful candidate in the imperial examination; Su Family Mansion; Taohugong of the Qing dynasty, and two thousand-year-old trees, a sweet gum and a camphor. Jinfeng Agricultural Company has set up a 350 mu (23 ha) farm, growing a variety of vegetables, melons and fruit. What have been completed also include an intensive seedling cultivation center, the largest one in a region across southern Zhejiang Province and eastern Fujian Province, and a sightseeing garden featuring diversified species of tomatoes, dendrobium candidum, and lavender. Therefore, a solid foundation has been laid for the setup of a large agritourism area that features such activities as vegetable and fruit picking, countryside strolling, angling, cole-plot photo shooting, and that accommodates entertainment and training facilities, hotels and villas. In summary, the project will be a combination of production and distribution of dendrobium candidum and tea, tea tasting, entertainment, sightseeing and real estate development. In addition, a prospective sunshine restaurant near expressway exit and intersection of No.78 Zhejiang Provincial Highway and No.104 National Expressway will bring substantial returns to investors.

IV. Construction Scale, Content and Investment Estimation:

The project occupies a land area of about 1,000 mu (67 ha), half of which is land for construction, used for such agritourism activities as vegetable and fruit picking, countryside strolling, angling, cole-plot photo shooting, and building of entertainment and training facilities, hotels and villas. Total investment is about 150 million yuan.

V. Preparation or Progress:

The 150 mu (10 ha) taxus chinensis has already begun to yield returns, so has Jinfeng’s 350 mu farm. An agreement was concluded on the establishment of a loach breeding base. An application for National Exemplary Village of Ecological and Cultural Protection was submitted. Project land will be provided by Lingxi People’s Government and the area will be entitled to relevant local policies.

VI. Ways of Cooperation: joint venture.

Domestic and foreign professional investment companies, including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan based ones, are welcome.

VII. Contact Details:

Unit to Contact: Lingxi People’s Government, Cangnan County

Person to Contact: Lin Shenghao

Tel: +86-13858706232

Fax: +86-0577-64702118

Add: 188 Jiangbin Road, Lingxi Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, PRC, 325800

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