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Chashan E-22 (Healthcare and Recreational Center) Project in Wenzhou Ecological Area
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I. Project No.:

Public Service 28

II. Project Location:

Wenzhou Ecological Area (Chashan Subdistrict)

III. Project Planning, Background and Construction Conditions:

Chashan E-22 is a land plot located in Chashan Subdistrict, facing water in the north and Daluo Mountain in the south, adjacent to Wenzhou Recreational Park -the biggest recreational park in the city. It is connected to Wenzhou University Town by Huanshan Road on its north and is just beside Xia’ao Road on its west. The project takes pride in its location for being surrounded by beautiful water area and Chashan Mountain, its convenient transportation, and its vast 100 mu slope area to be developed into a modern old-age care, healthcare and recreational center.

IV. Construction Scale, Content and Investment Estimation:

For the land plot, the total planning area is approximately 102.4 mu, the planning plot ratio is1.2, building density is 30%, the ratio of green space is 30%, the height control is at 24 meters, and the total investment is about 400 million yuan.

V. Preparation or Progress:

Area planning has been completed and the land-use right of the plot is state-owned.

VI. Way of Cooperation:

land transfer by listing

VII. Contact Details:

Unit to Contact: Management Committee of Wenzhou Ecological Area

Person to Contact: Zhu Yucai, Luji

Tel: +86-0577-86795880, +86-0577-86792519

Fax: +86-0577-86792519

Add: Sanyang Intersection, Wenrui Avenue, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, PRC

Email: 252472746@qq.com

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