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The Lucheng Section of Jinyun-Cangnan Road Project (Jin’ao Tunnel and its Connection Road Project)
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I. Project No.:

Transportation 11

II. Project Location:

Tengqiao Ecological New Area of Lucheng District

III. Project Planning, Background and Construction Conditions:

With the acceleration of the urbanization process of Wenzhou metropolitan area and the rapid social and economic development of Lucheng District, Lin-Song (Linli-Song’ao) Cluster will be an important urban function area in western Wenzhou. In addition, with the large-scale, investment, construction and production of Lucheng Light Industrial Park, China’s Shoes Capital Industrial Park and other projects in western Lucheng, the demand on traffic in western Lucheng is ever increasing.

The Lucheng Section of Jinyun-Cangnan Road (Jin’ao Tunnel and its Connection Road Project) is a segment of the proposed Provincial Highway 220, and one of the five north-south roads in the 12th Five-year Plan of Highway and Waterway Transportation of Lucheng District (the plan includes one ring road, four elevated roads, four east-west roads, five north-south roads and ten passage ways). It is also a main road connecting Lucheng District with surrounding areas and is used for both through traffic and regional traffic as well as traffic in between towns in western Lucheng District. The completion of the project will optimize the western transport network of Wenzhou metropolitan area, perfect the road network layout of Lucheng District, improve the overall service of road network, accelerate the integrated utilization and tourism development of Xizhou Island, promote the economic development of Lucheng District and the urbanization of townships in western Lucheng District, and play a very important role in strengthening exchanges with Yongjia County and Ouhai District.

Starting from Xizhou Island, Linjiang Town, the planned road is connected with Qiaotou Town, Yongjia County in the north, intersects with National Highway 330 (G330) and Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway at Rendi Village, connects Jinao Village of Linjiang Town, Jiangci Vilalge of Aodi Town, Shangen, You’ao and Daima Villages of Tengqiao Town and ends at the junction of Chaoji Village of Tengqiao Town and Zeya Town of Ouhai District. According to the long-term plan, the road will be connected with the West Extension Line of Ouhai Avenue.

IV. Construction Scale, Content and Investment Estimation:

The total mileage of the project is 11.8 kilometers, of which the construction length is about 8.5 kilometers. For the moment, the road construction is as per the standards of secondary road (B-grade road) and the expected roadbed width is 12-15 meter with reservations for the construction of first road in the future. Major structures along the road include tunnels in the total length of 2635m/2 tunnels, bridge in the total length of 770m/3 bridges, medium and small bridges in the total length of 78m/2 bridges. The total land area of the project is about 412 mu, and the estimated total investment is 720 million yuan.

V. Preparation or Progress:

The selection of project programs regarding lines and locations of the road has been completed, and the project is currently in the feasibility report preparation phase.

VI. Ways of Cooperation

1. The project will be conducted in the method of build-transfer (BT) mode. Namely, the investment and financing, management, and general contracting of project construction will be conducted through public tender. The selected bidder is responsible for the project investment financing, management and general contracting of construction during the construction period. After the construction and acceptance of the project according to the contract, Transportation Project Office of Lucheng District will buy the equity of the project company.

2. The range of cooperation regarding the Project is the Project Design Content (cost) and the project should be implemented in accordance with construction drawings reviewed as qualified. The preparatory work of the Project, such as land acquisition and demolishing, project supervision should be organized and implemented by Project Owner. Costs relating to land acquisition and demolishing, land resettlement and compensation, preparatory work fees of project construction (paid in a lump sum for the use of the project owner and the excess part should be self-funded by the tender) should be paid by the project investors to the project owner by installments at the early stage of project construction.

3. Returns on investment: 2%-4% above the bank benchmark interest rate (subject to the tender results that should prevail).

VII. Contact Details:

Unit to Contact: Bureau of Transportation of Lucheng District

Person to Contact: Chen Gaoshan, Fan Dajun

Tel: +86-0577-85559602, +86-85559603, +86-13605870077, +86-13858817771

Fax: +86-0577-88030373

Add: Floors 3-5, Building 16, Xinqiaotou Residential Community,Wenzhou



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