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Pingyang Paper-Cutting
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The Pingyang Paper-cutting is a unique local art in Pingyang County, Wenzhou. On June 9, 2007, China’s Cultural Heritage Day, the art was included in the the 2nd  batch of Zhejiang Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The Paper-cutting mostly takes an outer shape of peaches or waves though it can also be round or square. Generally, it is composed of connected patterns and Chinese characters. At its center, there is often a pattern of a copper coin, wreathe or a character. For example, in a cutting with the Chinese characters of Yu Shui Qian Nian He (perpetual combination between fish and water), the character “He” (combination) is placed at the center of the other four. A cutting can merely consist of Chinese characters without any pattern, which are arranged from the top down and then from right to left with the last one at the center.

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