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Notable people

Wang Xizhi 王羲之 (303–361), sage of Chinese calligraphy

Xie Lingyun 谢灵运 (385–433), poet

Wang Shipeng 王十朋 (1112–1171), statesman and writer

Ye Shi 叶适 (1150–1223), philosopher, most important figure of the neo-Confucianism Yongjia School

Liu Ji 刘基 (1311–1375), great strategist and statesman of the Ming Dynasty

Zhang Cong 张璁 (1475–1539), Ming Dynasty prime minister

Sun Yirang 孙诒让 (1848–1908), scholar and educator, early dicipher of the Oracle Bone script

Zheng Zhenduo 郑振铎 (1898–1958), writer and scholar

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