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Wenzhou’s 31 Enterprises Listed as National STGs
Date:2021-09-03 17:40:31 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

In Wenzhou, a group of enterprises with expertise and innovation are growing into “tiny giants” with high-quality development. Small in scale but large in number in the past, they are professional and powerful now. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a list of the third batch of specialized, refined, distinctive and innovative enterprises called “Small Tech Giant(s) (STG)”. With 31 enterprises inscribed on the list, Wenzhou ranks the second in Zhejiang Province in the number.

STGs refer to small but strong and excellent enterprises with high technological innovation capabilities, lion share of market, and high quality and efficiency. Recognized provincial "hidden champion" Enterprises or those of the same kind being fostered or other small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with advantage of innovation capabilities and share of market are eligible for applying for the STGs.

Since 2019, the number of enterprises selected as National-level STGs has been increasing year after year in Wenzhou. Wenzhou now has accumulated 52 STGs, 15 of which are listed as the first batch national-level key STGs, granted 29.66 million yuan from the national special funds for the development of SMEs.

These STGs choose different ways for development. Some are adhering to the path of specialization; Some are continuing to invest in R&D for innovation; Some have cracked the " bottleneck" problems once for all; Some are filling technology gaps at home and abroad. Some are taking lion share of market in fractionized fields. However, focusing on R&D and insisting on innovation are the common features of STGs, which makes them outstanding among the enterprises of the same industry by relying on independently-developed technology or competitive products.

One STG, Zhejiang Beiliang Wind Energy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. owns a kind of technology leading China. Its marine wind sensor can accurately sense the wind direction, atmospheric temperature, humidity, and other parameters to solve the general problem of short life of marine wind power and signal instability of the general mechanical wind speed anemometer. “The wind direction resolution of this sensor reaches 0.4 °, and the wind speed resolution reaches 0.1 m / s, which fills the domestic technology gap and becomes the technology leading China and internationally advanced.” According to the relevant person in charge of the company, a total of more than 20 million yuan has been invested in research and development, and 5 million yuan in technological reformation.

Another STG, Zhejiang Hoping Machinery Co., Ltd. creates a record of the fastest machine in China. The independently-developed IXW800 Intelligent Fully Servo High Speed Dual-track Blister-Flow-Cartoning Link Machine applies the dual-track linkage production pattern and integrates the 2-D3 top-loading robot and other high-end technology to achieve non-stop production line and double capacity, which establishes a double-track synchronous-production pattern in the industry. It is known that the main products of Hoping company are pharmaceutical aluminum and aluminum blister packaging machine, whose market share is up to 21.53%. This year, Wenzhou launched the “Three-year Action Plan for Cultivating and Upgrading Single Champions in Manufacturing Industry” and promoted the construction of “City with Most Hidden Champions”. About 200 reputed enterprises, especially industrial enterprises above designated size, will be chosen in accordance with the market share of their main products in a sector to form a municipal Hidden Champion Cultivation Base. By strengthening organizational leadership, monitoring and assessment, precise services, and representative promotion, Wenzhou will guide SMEs to embark on the path of specialized, refined, distinctive and innovative development to become national STGs, provincial “invisible champion” enterprises and the same kind of enterprises under cultivation respectively.

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