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Gaolingtou Reservoir Bridge on Jingning-Wencheng Expressway to be Built
Date:2021-09-16 09:32:33 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The construction of the main girder of the Gaolingtou Reservoir Bridge began.

On September 8, 2021, the Jingning-Wencheng Expressway Gaolingtou Reservoir Bridge has completed the pouring of the main girder of the fore-fulcra form travelers. The pouring took 7.5 hours, and a total of 328 cubic meters of concrete was poured, setting the stage for constructing the main girder.

Located at Xikeng of Wencheng County, the Gaolingtou Reservoir Bridge is a crucial project of Jingning-Wencheng Expressway. It is currently the tallest and largest-span concrete cable-stayed bridge in the mountainous area in Zhejiang Province. The approach bridge of the Gaolingtou Reservoir Bridge is 783.6 meters long, and the main bridge is 580 meters in length; the main span is 300 meters across the Reservoir; the central tower stands at 210 meters, with a diamond-shaped reinforced concrete structure.

To overcome the complex problems of the mountainous area, such as volatile climate, limited working space and backward technology, the project manager fully promoted the project's construction with the focus on technology, quality and safety. For example, by optimizing the mixing ratio of polypropylene fiber concrete, the fluidity of the concrete can be optimized to avoid the frequent burst of large-volume concrete high tower pumping; the bridge deck construction device should be located in advance and many embedded parts, including the reserved holes of the hanging basket and thrust block, the pre-embedded steel bars of the anti-collision guardrail and the maintenance guardrail, the reserved holes of the drainpipes to ensure the construction quality of the project. It is also worth mentioning that the Bridge uses hydraulic climbing formwork, an advanced vertical structural template technology, to realize overall stable and high-speed self-climbing, and reduce construction procedures compared with conventional formwork.

The reporter learned that at present, the traffic across the Gaolingtou Reservoir mainly relies on a 15-kilometers-long winding road, which takes about 45 minutes by car. When completed, the bridge will offer great convenience for those who cross over the Reservoir.

The Jingning-Wencheng Expressway is about 68 kilometers long, starting from Jingning, Lishui  Zhangtai, andWencheng. It is connected to the Wencheng-Rui’an Expressway and Wencheng-Taishun Expressway under construction. Nine towns and sub-districts and 39 villages will be associated with the expressway, significantly improving the traffic of the underdeveloped areas of southwestern Zhejiang.

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