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Wenzhou Makes Concerted Efforts to Attract and Construct Major Projects
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Big projects are the backbone of high-quality development. In the golden autumn, high-profile projects are cropping up in Wenzhou.

On the one hand, big platforms, industries and projects join forces to release the dynamic energy of science and technology innovation, helping Zhejiang build a highland of life and health science and innovation.

Since its establishment, Oujiang Laboratory has focused on the regeneration and remodeling of multiple tissues and organs, rehabilitation of eye diseases and visual functions, and rehabilitation of brain diseases and cognitive functions, orderly promoting 32 annual construction tasks, and striving to be a world class and nationally leading major scientific and technological innovation platform for regeneration regulation and eye and brain health.

China Eye Valley aims to build a 10 billion worth eye health industry cluster in three years. Since the opening of the central incubator park more than a year ago, with the focus on the introduction and landing of top enterprises, it has attracted a total of 109 registered technology-based enterprises, and established 17 joint research institutes of the world’s top 500 and listed companies.

On the other, the campaign of “Seeking projects, especially major projects” is in full swing. In particular, the introduction of major industrial projects continues to heat up.

The city as a whole takes it “No. 1 Project” to attract major or powerful projects.  Since this year, the number and coverage of 10 billion worth industrial projects that Wenzhou plans to introduce are increasing. 251 single manufacturing projects each worth over 100 million yuan have been signed and 129 have been started, with a completion rate of 86%.

Upholding the principle of “focus on projects and efforts around projects”, Wenzhou is currently using the “window period” of expanding effective investment and tapping the potential of domestic market to drive industries ambitiously, setting off the upsurge of “massive projects attraction and attracting major projects”. More high-quality industrial projects have access to landing and thriving in Wenzhou, injecting strong impetus into high-quality leapfrog development of Wenzhou.

Encourage advanced projects to blossom in Wenzhou and empower Wenzhou with science and technology innovation

Good tidings came from the recently held Wenzhou Science and Technology Innovation Conference & “Science and Innovation in China” Pilot Construction Promotion Meeting that Wenzhou signed cooperation agreements with 6 national societies such as the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, and signed 10 major innovation platforms such as Zhejiang Carbon Neutrality Technology Innovation Institute, and 14 major projects such as the biological products R&D and production base project of China Gene Medicine Valley.

With the innovation power generated by “one zone, one corridor, one summit and one lab”, Wenzhou expects to get empowered by high-capacity platforms, and facilitate the effective implementation of major projects and the influx of high-level talents, so as to dot Wenzhou with advanced and sophisticated projects.

Wenzhou Beidou Industrial Base, located in Longwan District, has entered a period of accelerated construction. Aiming to extend, strengthen and complement the Beidou industry chain, the base targets at introducing 3 major industries: “Beidou + 5G Internet of Vehicles”, “Beidou + Domestic Chips” and “Beidou + Transportation Application”. It has been promoting the transference of production, learning and research results of China Transportation Telecommunications & Information Center to Wenzhou, and cultivating leading enterprises in Beidou industry. At present, preliminary results can be seen: 18 high-quality industrialization projects have been successfully introduced, including the National Logistics Information Platform and i-Logistics. Innovative and leading projects such as Beidou Industrial Base are presenting a gorgeous scene on the innovation map of Wenzhou.

Following the phase I, II and III projects of AREPT New Energy, TSINGSHAN Holding Group once again chose Wenzhou to invest over 30 billion yuan in the AREPT New Energy Industrial Base Project. Taking advantage of the two-stage carbon emission reduction strategies in China, the project will produce technologically advanced high-end power and energy storage lithium-ion batteries to meet the requirements of mass production, leading the way to build a new energy industry cluster of 100 billion yuan.

Create a new growth pole for high-quality development through chain introduction of major projects

Major projects often play a key role and have great significance in the development of a place. Their landing will bolster up the economy there.

AMER International Group joined hands with Pingyang County to start the construction of AMER (Pingyang) Yangtze River Delta Electronic Information Industry Center, the first manufacturing project in Wenzhou with an investment of over 10 billion yuan. At present, AMER (Pingyang) Research Institute has been inaugurated in Binhai New Area of Pingyang County and was partially put into operation in September. “The project focuses on the new metal material industry and the new generation of electronic information industry field. After completion, it will create a considerable scale of economic volume, profits, taxes and jobs for the local area.” According to the relevant person in charge of Wenzhou Economic and Information Bureau, Wenzhou will enlarge the scale of new material industry by attracting upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain with the strength of leading enterprises, and the industry is expected to become a new growth pole for high-quality development.

While quality projects are settled in Wenzhou, enterprises in Wenzhou are also gathering momentum to increase their capital and production and carry out transformation and upgrading. As the world’s largest producer of polyurethane resin for shoe leather, Huafon Group has successfully commissioned the production facilities of its 30,000-ton PBAT project in Rui’an and has produced qualified products. It is seizing the opportunity of two-stage carbon emission reduction strategies to enter the new market of biodegradable materials.

The city is also intensifying its efforts to raise the quality and construction speed of proposed or ongoing projects. At present, 53 new key manufacturing projects have been put into production, and 3 projects each worth over 1 billion yuan, including the CHINT Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park, the Delixi Group Intelligent Park and the Panshi Cloud Data Center, have been successfully put into production.

Accelerate project construction and production with strengthening support

As a key project of the provincial “152” Project and one of the ten landmark projects of Zhejiang’s “Big Garden” Construction, Radon Spring Tourism Resort of East China Grand Canyon is the largest industrial project in Taishun County, which means a lot to Taishun’s leapfrogging high-quality development and common prosperity.

Yan LiMiao, Chairman of YILIAN Holding Group that owns the project, said that “the project has received enormous attention and support from the whole county since its construction. With the concept that ‘Project is the King’, relevant departments of Taishun County are doing their utmost to help enterprises crack problems related to policy, strengthen project service guarantee and ensure the smooth advance of projects.”

This is an epitome of Wenzhou’s implementation of lifecycle management of projects. Today, such a service model has become a powerful means for Wenzhou to promote the progress of major projects, and is being widely popularized in an institutionalized and normalized manner throughout the city.

The Work Plan for Promoting Signing, Commencement and Completion of Major Manufacturing Projects implemented this year proposes to complete the “three lists” of promoting signing, commencement and completion of projects in the city, integrate and establish the lifecycle management platform of major manufacturing projects in the city, incorporate major manufacturing projects at different stages in the city into the database, and realize the information-based closed-loop management of projects.

“The improvement of the mechanism and the establishment of the platform will further clarify the division of responsibilities and achieve efficient cross-sectoral coordination. It can offer continuous services regardless of the stage that the project is at.” According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau, Wenzhou will establish and improve the working mechanism of linking municipal and county Party and government leaders with major industrial projects, ensure one leaders group for one project that conforms to the regional industrial orientation and reaches the scale, volume and investment intensity. In this way, projects will be managed through a portfolio of linkage service, agency service, lifecycle service and closed-loop management.

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