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Expansion Project of HWHR Wenzhou North Railway Station Started
Date:2021-09-16 09:26:56 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Effect picture of the Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway Wenzhou North Railway Station

The project has been started for expanding the Yongjia Railway Station into the Wenzhou North Railway Station of the Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway (HWHR).

Early in 2016, the High-speed Railway-oriented New City around Wenzhou North Railway Station was first proposed in the "Wenzhou Municipal Government Work Report" . In April 2018, the Government issued the document entitled "Approval on the Development and Utilization of the Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway -oriented New City Core Area around Wenzhou North Railway Station ". In 2019, with the land acquisition and relocation contract-signing rate achieving 100% at project-located Yalin of Huangtian Sub-district, the demolition was completed. On June 20, 2020, the project started construction by first building the Yalin Future Community. It is the first time in the history of Wenzhou urban construction that such kind of new city project has been jointly developed by city- and county-level governments. Yongjia's comprehensive tourism service center, business center, international high-end residential district, etc. will be located in the ecological and smart new city being constructed on the principle of TOD. It will be a hub for Wenzhou to link central and northern Zhejiang.

The Yongjia Railway Station was completed and opened to traffic in 2009, covering an area of 5,100 m2 with two platforms and 4 tracks. After the introduction of the Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway, the station will be expanded into the Wenzhou North Railway Station by increasing two main lines, six arrival and departure lines and four platforms, with its building area to be expanded to 53,280 m2. After the expansion project is completed, the station will be the first choice for travelers in Wenzhou to go north. "It is expected that the annual passenger flow of the new North Station will increase to ten million from the present Yongjia Station’s one million. In the future, trains going north to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing and other places will have a stop here, and passengers in the main urban areas of Wenzhou and Yongjia, who want to go north, may start from the new station,” said Ji Yiliang, Director of the Comprehensive Development and Construction Center of the Wenzhou North Railway Station. He added that the reconstruction project will be completed and opened to traffic by the end of 2023.

The Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway starts from Hangzhou West Railway Station and ends at Wenzhou South Railway Station, with a total length of 315 kilometers and a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour. The railway has the integrated functions of backbone road network, intercity traffic and tourism. Within the Yongjia territory, the total length of the railway is 66.7 kilometers, and two Stations, the Nanxijiang Station in Fenglin Town, and the Wenzhou North Railway Station, are planned to be set up. With the construction of transportation infrastructure supporting facilities, such as Jinshui Road, Zhannan Avenue and Wenzhou North Station Interchange, the location advantages of the Wenzhou North Railway Station will be further highlighted. After the project is completed, from the station, it will take only 5 minutes to reach the main urban area (Jiangbin Road) of Wenzhou City, 15 minutes to reach the administrative center of the city, 25 minutes to reach Wenzhou Airport, and 65 minutes to arrive at Hangzhou. The Wenzhou North Railway Station is indeed a key project for Wenzhou to build a 1-hour traffic circle in the province.

Due to the implementation of expansion project, according to the requirements of the related railway department, passengers’ getting on/off Yongjia Station in Huangtian Sub-district of Yongjia County will be canceled from September 15 this year to the completion of the project. In order not to affect citizens’ travel during this period,     the operation frequency of the corresponding trains that can stop at Yueqing Station and Wenzhou South Station will be increased, and so will the buses from Yongjia to Wenzhou South Station.

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