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Wenzhou Issues the Implementation Plan for the Pilot of “New Urban Construction”
Date:2021-09-11 15:15:14 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Wenzhou, as the second batch of national pilot cities for “New Urban Construction”, issued the “Wenzhou New Urban Infrastructure Construction Pilot Plan” to give full play of its leading role in “New Urban Construction.”

The Plan pointed out that Wenzhou will make full use of the new generation of information technology such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IOT), building information model (BIM), city information model (CIM), artificial intelligence, and so on. In three years, Wenzhou will accelerate the application of BIM technology to meet the requirements of an integrated intelligent public data platform and build a livable and safe city based on a municipal CIM platform.

According to the Wenzhou Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, the CIM platform built by the Wenzhou Municipal Government provides a primary CIM database that integrates massive heterogeneous data to realize the intensive management of urban planning, construction, management and operation. “In short, what we want to build is an inclusive city information model collecting the information from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, from outdoor to indoor, on the ground to underground,” said an officer person in charge of the Bureau.

To expand the CIM+ application, the Plan clarified that it would deepen the CIM+ application on intelligent construction sites, future communities, old community reconstruction, project lifecycle management, house safety, fire management, smart property, expropriation and resettlement, planning review, etc. to improve the efficiency of urban construction management, and gradually expand the social application of CIM.

To speed up the construction and transformation of intelligent municipal infrastructure, Wenzhou will work on the dynamic management of urban underground infrastructure; explore applications in vehicle-road coordination, intelligent transportation, health monitoring, and intelligent lighting; promote the smart city management of drainage systems to create a visual drainage management platform; use technologies such as IOT to realize digital closed-loop management of rural domestic sewage treatment.

In addition, Wenzhou will promote the coordinated development of intelligent construction and building industrialization through the review management of BIM intelligence, digital management of engineering construction, as well as efficient digital management and services of industrial workers.

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