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Wenzhou Approved as the Only Pilot City in China for “Speedy Adjudication of Employment Injuries”
Date:2021-09-11 15:04:25 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On September 1, Wenzhou Human Resources and Social Security (HRSS) Bureau received a reply from the Arbitration Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China that Wenzhou is listed as the only pilot city in China for the reform of “speedy adjudication of employment injuries”. The “speedy adjudication of employment injuries” model innovated by Wenzhou HRSS reduces the  time of handling employment injury cases from the previous 60 days to less than 30 days while simultaneously implements “cloud service”, a pioneering trial in exploring ways to promote the rapid resolution of industrial injury disputes.

In 2018, Wenzhou took the lead in creating a “Two Healthy” (healthy growth of private economy and of people in private economy) pilot area in the new era, opening a new journey of the high-quality development of Wenzhou’s private economy. Consequently, Wenzhou became a major labor city, and its number of labor cases soared. According to statistics, Wenzhou’s municipal and district arbitration courts accepted more than 20,000 labor cases involving 22,000 workers from 2018 to 2020. Among them, cases of disputes over the employment injury treatment accounted for 1/5.

In order to effectively resolve the cumbersome procedures and multi-party interests in the handling of employment injury cases, and the lengthy time that injured workers can’t afford when safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests. In April this year, Wenzhou HRSS became the first in China to launch the “speedy adjudication of employment injuries” model by leveraging the innovation of institutional mechanism with digital reform. It has strengthened the coordination and linkage between arbitration institutions and relevant departments, innovated the working mechanisms of “elements” case handling, legal aid and “cloud service”, and realized the fast filing, investigation, trial and settlement of employment injury cases and the full coverage of legal aid for employment injury cases.

By far, Wenzhou Labour and Personnel Dispute Arbitration Court has set up a speedy arbitration workshop for employment injury cases, which is dedicated to handling employment injury cases by grades of labour capacity. In response to the situation that some workers are unable to appear in court and it is difficult for migrant workers to defend their rights in other places, digital platforms such as the intelligent AI “Wen Xiaozhong” and “Cloud Fusion Court” have been used to guide workers to handle their cases online. Since the implementation of the reform, a total of 855 disputes over the treatment of employment injuries have been handled and 730 cases have been concluded, of which 600 cases (82.2%) were concluded within 30 days, with 100% full coverage of legal aid for injured workers. The fastest work injury arbitration case took only 13 days from filing to payment.

The reform of “speedy adjudication of employment injuries” in Wenzhou has reduced the time for handling cases, met the needs of injured workers for quick compensation, eliminated the worries of employers, and effectively solved the dilemma of safeguarding the rights of work-related injuries. Needless to say, it is a new exploration to deal with labor and personnel disputes under the new situation.

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