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Wenzhou Boasts 5 Mega Townships (Subdistricts)
Date:2021-08-30 15:55:50 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On August 23rd, the Bureau of Statistics of Wenzhou released the data on the permanent resident population of Wenzhou's seventh national population census in 2020 in terms of townships (subdistricts). The data show that there are a total of five mega townships (subdistricts) , each with a resident population of over 200,000 in Wenzhou.

According to the seventh national population census, there are 9.5729 million permanent residents (PRs) in Wenzhou. Except for Longgang City, which was proclaimed to be a county-level city in August 2019, the township in Wenzhou with the largest resident population is Lingxi Township of Cangnan County, with 384,400 residents, accounting for 4.0% of the permanent residents in Wenzhou. Liushi Township of Yueqing City is the next largest, with a resident population of 331,900. Another township with a resident population of over 300,000 is Tangxia Township in Rui'an City, with 303,900 permanent residents.

It is learned that the township (or subdistrict) with a resident population of over 200,000 is a mega township (subdistrict). Therefore, the above mentioned three townships are mega townships (subdistricts). Meanwhile, Aojiang Township in Pingyang County and Oubei subdistrict in Yongjia County both belong to mega township (subdistrict) in Wenzhou, with a permanent resident population of 233,300 and 215,400 respectively.

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