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Green Ecological City to Rise in the South of Wenzhou Sanyang Wetland
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The west entrance of Sanyang Wetland Park after the upgrade

1st Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

Known as the “Venice in South Zhejiang and Home of Hundred Mounds”, Sanyang Wetland in the south of the main urban area boasts many reputations for its unique ecological advantages. Now, with the development of the core area of Wenzhou metropolis, this wetland ecological block is bestowed with more significance.

With the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University as the “core”, Sanyang Wetland Park will see the birth of a life and health town that concentrates on life and health industry, shows the style of a water-bound town in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and embodies Ouyue culture. It will also be injected with cultural elements and leisure atmosphere, and stimulate new urban ecological economic systems such as moonlight economy and science and innovation economy through the integration of culture and tourism. Meanwhile, it will become a sponge city construction demonstration area, upgrade regional supporting facilities related to education, culture, pension etc., and accelerate the construction of the future community. 

With such advantages, the south block of the wetland ushered in a highlight moment. A green and eco-friendly city comparable to the Xixi Wetland Block in Hangzhou is coming to us.

Wetland Park witnesses the birth of the “Dreamy Water Town”

When it comes to Hangzhou Xixi Wetland, it enjoys a widespread reputation. It is a national wetland park with a total area of about 11.5 km2. With a prominent ecological and livable appeal, it is now gradually developing into an ecological sub-centre of the city with residential, business, administrative, scientific research and holiday functions.

Sanyang Wetland Park, the counterpart of Xixi Wetland, which also covers nearly 11 km2 , is shining like a bright pearl with the promotion of urban construction and beautification in Wenzhou. This landscape “green core” is emerging as the most beautiful “ecological lounge” in Wenzhou City.

Strolling on the Nanxian Causeway, one can have a feast for the eyes with the blue waves and trees near, the green hills and tea gardens in the far end. Waterfowl skim over the water from time to time, adding to the fun of the place. There are also citizens who exercise or visit the causeway from time to time. It is learned that at present, Sanyang Wetland Park has completed nine iconic attractions, such as Banyan Garden, North Entrance Square, Nanxian Causeway, Huaxi Huadao.

According to the Detailed Control Plan of Wenzhou Ecological Park Sanyang Wetland Park (Revised), Sanyang Wetland Park will have a functional layout of “One Ring, One Belt, Two Areas and Six Zones” to create a national urban wetland park integrating ecological conservation, science education and leisure tourism. The “One Ring” is a functional belt connected in series along the main ring road in Sanyang Wetland Park; the “One Belt” is the main east-west traffic and service belt of the park based on Nanxian Causeway; the “Two Areas” refer to the dynamic leisure area and the ecological demonstration area; and the “Six Zones” are six functional zones, including the Ouyue Culture Exhibition Zone, the Leisure Service Zone, the Science Education Zone, the Cultural and Creative Zone, the Wetland Conservation and Breeding Zone, and the Transitional Buffer Zone.

In recent years, the construction of Sanyang Wetland Park has moved into high gear. At the Collective Commencement Ceremony of 15 Projects and the East Entrance Project of Sanyang Wetland held by the Management Committee of Wenzhou Ecological Park recently, there were 6 projects related to Sanyang Wetland, such as the construction project of Sanyang Wetland Traditional Chinese Culture Park (Phase II) and the Tourist Service Center at the west entrance of Sanyang Wetland. In particular, the project of the East Entrance of Sanyang Wetland (Phase I) covers aspects of tourism supporting facilities, public construction facilities, cultural exhibition and livelihood guarantee, with a total construction area of about 69,000 m2. After its completion, the east entrance will become the largest entrance and exit of Sanyang Wetland, promoting the integrated development of Sanyang Wetland-Daluo Mountain tourism.

Moreover, in the next five years, Sanyang Wetland will continue to carry out ecological restoration and biodiversity reconstruction based on the concept that “mountain, water, forest, field, lake and grass are a life community”. Its protection and development work will highlight the soul of “water” in Sanyang wetland, and plans to build 5 water-related projects and water culture integration projects. A large number of key projects such as Water Painting Nanxian, Wenzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, Ouyue Style Street and Slow Life Block will be unveiled one after another to facilitate the integration of culture and tourism and boost the beautiful economy.

Attractive Life and Health Town integrates production, learning and research.

Ouhai Life and Health Town, located in the south of Sanyang Wetland, recently welcomed a large project -Taikang Community Ou Garden, a medical and nursing integration project with an investment of 2 billion yuan. It is the first large-scale and high standard medical care community invested by Taikang Insurance Group in Wenzhou, with an aboveground construction area of about 133,000 m2 that can offer about 1500 elderly care units.

Ouhai Life and Health Town, listed among the second group of characteristic towns in Zhejiang Province, is located south of Sanyang Wetland, with beautiful environment and green water. According to the approved Wenzhou Life and Health Town (Wubai Area Shangcai Unit) Detailed Control Planning (Hereafter referred to as The Planning), the town is a triangular area enclosed by three roads, Xuefu North Road in the north, Wenrui Avenue in the West and Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway in the East. With a total land area of about 349.79 hectares, it plans to home a residential population of 25,000 and is positioned as a multi-faceted life and health town and a “green ecological city” surrounded by mountains and water. The Planning points out that the town will rely on such high-quality ecological resources as the Sanyang Wetland, Daluo Mountain and other resources such as Wenzhou Medical University and the 1st Affiliated Hospital of WMU to shape a spatial order with priorities, pleasure, and sights of mountains and water that is in harmony with the spatial landscape of the Sanyang Wetland. This spatial order has green ecology as the background, platform-driven as the core, health industry as the backbone, modern style as the characteristics, and “micro-city” with various functional complexes as the overall objective of the city image.

At present, Ouhai Life and Health Town has been fully integrated into the development strategy of “One Zone, One Corridor, One Summit and One Lab” in Wenzhou and has occupied a core position. Many projects have been settled and put into use there, such as China Gene Medicine Valley Startup Area, Haipai Medicine Headquarters project, Public Health Emergency Medical Rescue Base in South Zhejiang, Wenzhou Medical Equipment Headquarters Park, Wenzhou Oujiang International Academic Exchange Center, etc. The town has been accelerating the construction of Public Health Emergency Medical Rescue Base in South Zhejiang and Wenzhou Life and Health Medicine Research and Innovation Center, and introducing major industrial projects such as China Gene Medicine Valley (Phase II), Hengsheng Medical, China Biological Medicine Group, etc.

Besides, the town has also focused on the “digital” construction application. Its digital brain has been reinstalled with nine functions for the town’s digital management. At the same time, the town has realized the full coverage of free WiFi and 5G network in the public area.

Life and Health Town is meticulously crafted to lead eco-low carbon living

It is learned from Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban Rural Development that Wenzhou has recently completed the Implementation Plan of Wenzhou Sponge City Construction Demonstration Zone, which envisions to build 4 sponge city construction demonstration zones, including Ouhai Life and Health Town. Focusing on comprehensive management of rivers, buildings and community sponge city construction and with the construction of the characteristic town, it plans to push forward such construction projects as Gene Medicine Valley Phase I (Zhejiang University Academician Industrial Park) and the reconstruction and resettlement house project of Shangcai Village in Nanbaixiang Sub-district, and set up sponge facilities like rain gardens and green roofs. In this way, the town will be more quickly reconstructed and upgraded to be a AAA tourist attraction.

To achieve the perfect integration of natural ecology and the development of characteristic industries, during the establishment of the town, low-carbon applications such as green energy-saving buildings, photovoltaic technology application and resource recycling will be scientifically and reasonably implanted to enhance the quality of construction. Greening and upgrading of water systems along the line and the construction of pocket parks will also be carried out to construct a unique wetland landscape. At present, a series of high-quality attractions have been built, such as Baihua Garden, Water Activity Base, Mayu Hill Park, Red Cell Park and so on.

Furthermore, the municipal roads in the block are also being further improved. According to the Construction Center of Wenzhou Higher Education New Area, the area currently has such important urban arteries as Wenrui Avenue, Xuefu Road and Chaoyang New Street, as well as Fanhai West Road and the northern section of Jiankang Avenue. Next, the center will build more than 10 roads totaling 7,860 meters, such as Jiankang Avenue (partial), western section of Xixiang Road and Huxin Road, in order to further construct a well-connected traffic road network.

In addition, the center has also packaged the internal river restoration project of the town to carry out construction and upgrading in phases. It has accelerated the construction of a number of resettlement housing projects and kindergartens and plans to build a primary school, an Ouyue style commercial water street and a supporting commercial service area to the north of the 1st Affiliated Hospital of WMU. Besides, a high-quality leisure activity park will be set up along the wetland shoreline in line with the expressway and overpass area and the current rivers. With construction of the block and gradual improvement of supporting facilities, a new green ecological area suitable for living and business is about to emerge.

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