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Cangnan to Build a National Green Energy Demonstration Base
Date:2021-08-10 15:53:33 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On August 7, workers were installing photovoltaic panels on the high mountains of Chixi Town, Cangnan County. In the sea not far away, steel pipe piles were rooted in the seabed. Here lies the largest offshore wind power project under construction in Zhejiang Province - Huaneng Cangnan No. 4 offshore wind power project. Covering an area of 1,345 mu (89.667 ha.), the project will be completed in a month or so and will be put into operation in the end of this year.

Taking a glimpse of the industrial development planning map of Cangnan County, one will find green labels scattered here and there. “We need to thrive on whatever resources accessible locally, not only the mountains and seas, but also green energy such as light energy and wind energy. Every green label here is an energy project,” said Zeng Yunxian, member of the Party Group of Cangnan County Development and Reform Bureau and chief engineer of the project. At present, 16 green energy projects have landed in Cangnan Green Energy Base. After the completion of all projects, they are expected to generate nearly 60 billion kwh of electricity annually, more than half of the annual power generation of the Three Gorges Hydropower Station. By 2030, these projects are expected to directly generate tax revenue of more than 5 billion yuan per year, which is equivalent to rebuilding a new Cangnan.

“Cangnan’s mountain and sea resources are well protected.” A relevant person in charge of Huaneng Zhejiang Cangnan Offshore Wind Power Co., Ltd. told reporters that Cangnan has carried out systematic and far-sighted planning on the 168-km ecological coastal zone. “With such a blueprint of the county, enterprises can rest assured to invest,” he said. In recent years, the company has successively invested in the construction of two offshore wind power projects. Among them, Huaneng Cangnan No. 4 offshore wind power project has an investment of 8.72 billion yuan, which, after completion, is expected to generate 1.2 billion kwh of power annually, equivalent to annual savings of about 500,000 tons of standard coal. This year, air energy storage projects in emerging industries were also arranged and waste mining caves in Fanshan Town were utilized to store and release electric energy, ensuring the safety and stability of the power grid.

The agglomeration of leading enterprises has been driving the industrial chain cluster. Riding on the momentum, Cangnan has accelerated the introduction of green energy-related manufacturing industries and built a new industrial system. Green Energy Town is the main ground for Cangnan to build a national green energy demonstration base. With a total planning area of 6.58 km2, it includes a green energy industrial zone and an industrial expansion zone. A green energy city will be built here to form a green energy industry ecosystem. The urban living room of the Green Energy Town was topped off not long ago and will be used as a place for green energy exhibition, science popularization and education.

In May this year, Envision Cangnan Zero Carbon Industry Base, with an investment of 5 billion yuan, settled in the Green Energy Town. The investor, Envision Energy Co., Ltd., is a leading wind turbine manufacturer in the world. It will build a new energy equipment production base integrating scientific research, production and operation and maintenance, whose influence will reach the whole South Zhejiang and North Fujian.

While strengthening the county, the Green Energy Town also enriches the people. Cangnan County Green Energy Base has gathered a number of upstream and downstream supporting enterprises such as digital I&C and equipment manufacturing, driving the employment of 25,000 local people. “The town is becoming more and more popular,” said Liu Xinyi, a villager in Sanfeng Village, Yanpu Town, who used to do leather shoes business in other places. Last year, he returned to the town to open a supermarket and made a net profit of 300,000 or 400,000 yuan a year. Sanfeng Village, which was rarely visited, saw the opening of 12 restaurants in a row since last year, which are almost full every day.

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