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List of Wenzhou Characteristic Souvenirs Released
Date:2021-07-26 15:01:39 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Souvenirs are an important vehicle for a city to go out in inter-city exchanges and invite in tourists. Recently, after public application, online voting and joint review, 35 products, including Eight Immortals Gathering (boxwood carving) and Gong Ji Bai Xiang Fragrant Cake, were selected into the list of “Wenzhou Characteristic Souvenirs in 2021”.

It is reported that in response to the action of “Satisfactory Consumption in the Yangtze River Delta” and to popularize Wenzhou’s high-quality and cultural characteristic “gift” brand, Wenzhou Consumer Protection Commission, together with the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, launched the “2021 Wenzhou Characteristic Souvenirs Evaluation Activity” in March this year. Through online application and offline recommendation, 90 products from 84 enterprises in the city signed up for the event. This year, the number of online voting visitors to the evaluation activity was nearly 90,000, with a total of 224,000 votes

In combination with the online voting and the on-site scoring results of the evaluation team, the organizer finally selected 35 products as “Wenzhou Characteristic Souvenirs 2021”. They are the Eight Immortals Gathering (boxwood carving), Gongji Baixiang Fragrant Cake, Rice Noodle Xishi, Ou Tangerine, Changshangong Herbal Tea, Ruyi Yunwen (Auspicious Cloud Pattern) Health Travel Set, White Sugar Double Cooking Cake, Tianyijiao Original Flavored Squid, Kuangshang Renjia Quick-frozen Meat Swallow, Red Sandalwood “Best Wishes” Pen Holder Inlaid with Colored Stones, Bainian Xiangyue (Centennial Auspicious)    Moon Cake, Bei.Inlaid Porcelain Tea Set (Plum), Guangjinxiang Dried Lean Meat, Haoshijie Red Bayberry (Gift Box), Ou Kiln Moonlit Lotus Pond Wine Container, Huangyuguo Deep Sea Fish Gelatin (Gift Box),Wenzhou Big Wonton, Wupanshan Glutinous Rice Cake, Yongkun Souvenir (Yongjia Laojiuhan Liquor), Pickled Duck Tongue (Gift Box), Chuxu Pickled Duck Tongue, “Jiangxin Isle” Wild Red·Tea Container, Miliqiong Liquor (Gift Box), “Lucheng Spring”, Fine Paper-cutting (Xie Lingyun), Ou Kiln Art Pot, Qiangxin Fish Balls, Year of the Ox Ou Kiln Set (Gift Box), Maimai Rice Wine, Wangmaxing Nut and Egg Yolk Moon Cake, Lucky Gift Box (Dried Small Ou Tangerine and Ou Tangerine Peel), Xiuwen Duck’s Feet, “Liu Bowen” Flower Honey, Oumeng Ou Tangerine Juice (300ml×6) and Baiqiang Condensed Milk Bars (Gift Box).

It is learned that in the first “Wenzhou Characteristic Souvenirs Evaluation Activity” last year, a total of 50 souvenirs stood out, among which 7 Wenzhou characteristic souvenirs such as Ou Embroidery Round Fan, Xianghai Roast Shrimp and Qiangxin Fish Cake were also selected as the first Zhejiang Characteristic souvenir products. They show the regional and cultural characteristics of Wenzhou and guide enterprises to expand and improve their products quality.

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