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Two Major Elderly Care Service Projects in Cangnan Nearly Completed
Date:2021-07-21 07:34:08 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The main structures of the government-invested projects, Cangnan County Social Welfare Center (CCSWC)and Yiyuan Healthcare and Nursing Care Center have been completed. The two projects are currently under decoration, and will be put into operation soon. It is reported that the two projects can increase 1467 high-end nursing care service beds for Cangnan, and will contribute to the crucial actions for the construction of a "happy Cangnan"

The main structures of the CCSWC were completed on July 7, which is a "double 10 billion" key project in Cangnan, with a total investment of about 110 million yuan. It is located in Xiaofeng village of Lingxi Town, with a planned area of 37.27 Mu and a total construction area of 28,600 m2. The CCSWC is a large-scale, modern and intelligent social welfare institution with more than 500 aged-care beds, and with the multi-functions of elderly care, medical service, fitness, rehabilitation training, etc.   The project has now entered the final stage, and will be put into operation soon.

Located in Daguan village, Lingxi Town, the center is a key project at the municipal and county levels, with a total investment of 340 million yuan. It covers a total land area of 60 mu and construction area of 45,000 m2. It has six elderly care buildings with 967 beds, and also a comprehensively-purposed building, logistics building and multi-functional hall. The project is now under interior decoration, and to be put into operation before the end of this year. Hangzhou-based Greentown Healthcare and Rehabilitation Service Group  Co., Ltd., has been employed for the center’s operation and management to build it into a comprehensive and high-end institution for elderly care, medical treatment, rehabilitation, leisure and other services.

This year, Cangnan County has vigorously promoted the actions for "the implementation of ten crucial projects ". One of the action, themed with "Social Stability, Happy Cangnan", is aimed to constantly improve the supply of public services, and will allow the people of the whole county to better share the high-quality development achievements. Chen Weikun, Deputy Director of the Social Elderly-care Service Guidance Center of the Cangnan County Civil Affairs Bureau, stated that the first five years after China's addressing population aging became a national strategy coincide with the "fourteenth five-year plan" period, and it is also a significant "window period" for the construction of China's elderly care service system. During this period, to create a model of the service system at county level in Cangnan, the county, following the principle of providing " high-, mid-, and low- end elderly care services, which are distinctive, optional and protected respectively, will create a finer, more specialized, more professional and diversified elderly care service system to ensure the happy life of the elderly.

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