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Wenzhou's Largest Drainpipe Network Trenchless Rehabilitation Project Completed
Date:2021-07-21 07:32:00 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On July 15th, Wenzhou entered the flood season. At present, the emergent rehabilitation project of the rainwater drainpipe network of the Wenzhou Zhenan Science and Technology City has been completed, which can fundamentally improve the drainage system of the area, effectively enhance the drainage efficiency and solve the waterlogging of 57 enterprises (factories) in the area. It is learned that the project is currently the largest drainpipe network trenchless rehabilitation project in Wenzhou.

The project is located in Huangshishan unit of Yongqiangbei Area, Longwan District. The drainpipe network of the project was built at the beginning of this century. The rainwater drainpipe network is about 10 kilometers long, and the pipes are mainly concrete. Many problems of rainwater pipelines attribute to its aging and long-term corrosion of polluted groundwater. In addition, the mixed flow of rainwater and sewage is common among enterprises in this area, and rainwater pipes have been operating at high water levels for a long time. In rainy days, large areas of roads and enterprises will be flooded.

This project mainly uses UV-CIPP trenchless technology. This technology is currently the most widely-used underground pipeline trenchless rehabilitation technology in the world, featuring short construction cycle and long service life, and has a small impact on the environment and traffic. According to the Longwan District Comprehensive Law Enforcing Bureau of City Administration, the project is currently the largest drainage pipe network trenchless rehabilitation project in Wenzhou. The length of the CIPP pipe is 3487.6 meters, and the trenchless engineering volume accounts for more than 90% of the whole project. Among them, the rehabilitation of the DN1600 municipal rainwater main pipeline on Zhongxing Road is the first successful application of CIPP to rehabilitate large-diameter pipelines in Wenzhou, which could be a lesson for the trenchless rehabilitation of large-diameter pipelines in Wenzhou in the future.

Since the start of the project in December,2021, the Longwan District Comprehensive Law Enforcing Bureau of City Administration has taken the lead in the active coordination of the Zhenan Science and Technology Urban Construction Investment Group, the Wenzhou Drainage Company, and Wenzhou Environment Bureau to rehabilitate the internal pipeline network.

At present, three rainwater drainage systems in the area have resumed operation, fundamentally improving the area’s drainage system and drainage efficiency, solving the waterlogging which has long plagued 57 companies (factories) in this area.

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