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Wenzhou to Build 40 Nursing Homes with Integrated Medical Care
Date:2021-07-10 09:17:21 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

“In the future, you will enjoy the professional services of tertiary hospitals in nursing homes, and we elderly will live more at ease.” On the afternoon of July 2nd, in the Yileru Retirement Home in Ouhai District, a signing ceremony was held between Wenzhou Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and the retirement home. Next, the medical care team set up by the hospital will visit the institution and offer online outpatient services to the elderly every week, so that the elderly can enjoy the hospital's professional medical services in the nursing home.

It is learned that in the end of June, Wenzhou Healthcare Security Administration, Wenzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, and Wenzhou Health Commission jointly issued the Several Opinions on Medical Security Support of the Development of the Elderly Care Service Industry (Opinions).  The Opinions stated that Wenzhou will promote the full coverage of the medical insurance support system for nursing homes, relax the entry threshold for designated medical institutions of medical insurance, carry out medical and health care contract cooperation, increase the requirements of grassroots service forces, and strengthen funding guarantees. On the same day, Yileru Retirement Home signed a cooperation agreement with Wenzhou Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine for the integration of medical and nursing care, which was a vivid practice for the implementation of the Opinions.

“At the end of December last year, we built an infirmary in the apartment, but it was difficult to provide medical care for the elderly due to shortage of personnel. With the support of the tertiary hospital, the quality of elderly care services can be improved.” After signing the contract, Yu Jianli, Dean of Yi Leru Senior Apartment, was overwhelmed with joy. Jin Lifen, an 89-year-old elder living in the elderly apartment, said that the elderly care institution can sign a medical and nursing cooperation contract with the hospital, which is the gospel for the elderly in the institution. With intensive caring and professional medical services, the elderly and their family no longer have to be worried in the future.

It is introduced that Wenzhou Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine is the first tertiary hospital in Wenzhou that has developed an integrated medical care cooperation model with the nursing home. In response to the features of the nursing home and the specific needs of senile diseases, the hospital has established a team of medical and nursing professionals with rich clinical experience, including senior title doctors in the departments of cardiology, endocrinology, respiratory medicine, neurology, general surgery, orthopedics and traumatology. Next, the team will spare one day a week to provide basic medical services such as online outpatient service and face-to-face consultations, rehabilitation guidance, medical first aid knowledge training exercises for the nursing home, and provide professional life and health file management, instant referrals and other services for senior citizens.

It is learned that in recent years, with the acceleration of population aging in Wenzhou, the municipal government has actively promoted small nursing homes to collaborate with neighboring township health centers (community health service centers), geriatric hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals, and encourage nursing homes and medical institutions to develop “Embedded” in-depth medical care collaboration. Related medical services provided are included in the designated management of medical insurance according to regulations. This year, Wenzhou will build 40 nursing homes with integrated medical, and 32 of them have been successfully established to provide safe, standardized and high-quality medical and health services for senior citizens.

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