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Wenzhou Obtains 25 Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Prizes
Date:2021-06-20 07:42:03 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On the afternoon of June 15th, Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Award Conference was held in Hangzhou, at which winners of the “2020 Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Prize” were announced. 25 science and technology innovation achievements from Wenzhou won the prize, including 2 first prizes , 9 second prizes and 14 third prizes. Among them, 19 achievements have Wenzhou as their first completing entities, including 2 first-prize winners, 6 second-prize winners and 11 third-prize winners.

The 25 award-winning achievements are those of basic research, original innovation, key breakthrough technologies in some industries, and scientific and technological innovation related to people’s livelihood. 6 of them are awarded the Natural Science Awards, for which Wenzhou ranked second in Zhejiang Province on a par with Ningbo, reflecting the effectiveness of efforts made by universities and research institutes in the city to increase their basic science research. 19 of them won the Science and Technology Progress Award, manifesting Wenzhou’s acceleration of the transfer of “hardcore” scientific and technological achievements and empowering regions to seek high-quality development.

A closer look at the award winners shows that projects with Wenzhou as their first completing entities, which are highly valued and influential, stand out prominently. From the perspective of the fields and regions to which the award-winning projects belong, more than half are concentrated in the fields of life and health and intelligent equipment, and more than 80% come from Wenzhou National Innovation Zone and the Science and Technology Innovation Corridor around Daluo Mountain (“One Zone and One Corridor”). This fact highlights the efficacy of Wenzhou’s endeavor to create a new highland of science and innovation, and the pivotal role of the “One Zone and One Corridor” as the source of innovation.

In terms of the award-winning organizations, Wenzhou colleges and universities and private enterprises have performed well, showing the scientific and technological strength of colleges and universities and the improvement of the independent innovation ability of Wenzhou enterprises. 13 award-winning achievements have colleges and universities as their first completing entities, among which 2 were first-prize winners, 3 second-prize winners and 8 third-prize winners. Wenzhou Medical University and its affiliated hospitals continued to maintain strong scientific research strength in the field of life and health, as they have 8 projects taking them as the first completing entities, 1 first-prize winner, 1 second-prize winner and 6 third-prize winners. Wenzhou University has eye-catching performance this time. As the first completing entity, it has 5 winning achievements, of which 1 was first prize, 2 were second prizes and 2 were third prizes. Besides, 4 achievements have private enterprises as their first completing entities, which were all from the field of high-tech industry. Wenzhou Ruiming Industry Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve Co., Ltd. won the second and third prizes of Provincial Science and Technology Progress award respectively.

At the conference, the highest honor of science and technology work in Zhejiang Province - “Scientific and Technological Innovation Pillar” was announced for the first time in the province. Six counties (cities, districts) in the province won this honor, one of which was Ouhai District, the only district in Wenzhou that gained this honor.

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