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South Wenzhou Sees Rapid Rise of Sci-tech Highland
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Dongxin Tech Innovation Park will be built into a center for innovation in South Wenzhou.

Rui'an-based Zhejiang Intelligent Complete Equipment High-tech Industrial Park.

More than 10 high-end innovation platforms, including the Intelligent Sensor Research Institute and the Engineers’ Collaborative Innovation Center for Key Auto Components have been founded in Dongxin Sci-tech Park, and 16 provincial major industrial projects, such as Kefeng smart car sensors and Huaguang Automobile Intelligent Sensing New Materials,are aggregated at the provincial-level new industry platform for key automobile parts and component, which covers an area of ten thousands of mu and has an output of hundreds of billions of yuan,so that the number of innovative leading (gazelle) enterprises and of single champion manufacturing enterprise cultivated on the platform ranked first in Wenzhou.

It is learned from the Wenzhou Science and Technology Department that the Wenzhou-based National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone (WNIIDZ) and the southern tech innovation highland in the Wenzhou Tech Innovation Corridor around Daluoshan Mountain (WTICDM) are accelerating their development,where the innovation capacity is boosting enormously with key innovation factors clustered . Here,with a favourable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship,high-end technology and talents, major sci-tech projects, high-efficiency technology and finance are gathering and building up increasingly-powerful innovative potentials,which will spur the vitality of innovation subjects, fuel the innovative engine, and empower Rui'an (county-levle) city in its quality development.

Creating a good environment for innovation and entrepreneurship by establishing the “horse racing mechanism”

In 2018,  Rui'an was included as an important section in the "One District and Five Parks" plan of the WNIIDZ. Rui'an sounded the marching trumpet for its further tech innovation.

At present, Ruian is forming an innovative pattern of “one city, one core, one park, one zone and one meeting”, namely, the Ruian Sci-tech City in the WTICDM,the “Tech Innovation Core” of the Ruian Dongxin Industrial City Tech Innovation Park, the WNIIDZ Ruian Tech Park, the Rui'an-based Provincial Intelligent Complete Equipment High-tech Development Zone, and the World Young Scientist Summit Ruian Yunjiang Sci-tech Innovation Conference. It is planned to promote the quality development of Rui'an through the "Five One" and build the city into a demonstration zone for the transformation and development of traditional industries and a leading zone for private economic sector's tech innovation,which will have rich innovative resources,a complete service chain,unblocked industrial element flow with industries developing towards high-end technology .

A few days ago, Ruian City held the first contest for tech innovation and "One Zone,One Corridor" construction. According to the person in charge of the Ruian City Sci-tech Bureau,at the moment, seizing the strategic opportunities of building the WNIIDZ , the WTICDM, and a new industrial platform covering an area of tens of thousands of mu and with an output of hundreds of billions of yuan,Rui'an City is making strenuous efforts to promote technological and institutional innovation. Meanwhile,by establishing the "horse racing" mechanism in building one WNIIDZ and five industry and higher education parks,and by creating a system for efficiently promoting tech innovation through the contest in related projects,indicators, and shoring up weaknesses,the city has launched eight major critical actions and three major battles, accelerated the construction of "One Zone, One Corridor", implemented the "innovation-first" strategy, and consolidated efforts to build the southern tech innovation highland of the WTICDM. It is reported that in recent years, Rui'an has released policies of "Tech Innovations 20 Articles", and those for publicly seeking volunteers to tackle crucial technical problems and for subsidies to enterprises after their R&D fund input. The city has also established a development mechanism for the integration of innovative and industrial chains, explored the establishment of technological and financial alliances, and built innovation fund pools. By the above efforts,the city aims to form an adventure capital investment framework consisting of one type of tens of billions of industrial master fund, 1 type of 50 million angel investment fund, 2 types of provincial, municipal and county's joint funds and 2 types of market-oriented feeder funds to promote the integration of the three realms of sci-tech, industry and venture capital investment to build a highland for the industrialization of sci-tech achievements of the WTICDM, and to accelerate the release of innovation dividends.

Innovation platforms springing up expedite the release of new growth drivers

Walking into the Dongxin Sci-tech Park, you will find rows of buildings with streamlined facades, which will give you a sense of sci-tech. Beside the buildings are the newly built asphalt roads and planted trees and shrubs. All this shows that the park  is a new base for tech innovation with a good environment.

The Dongxin Sci-tech Park is one of the leading projects in the key areas of the WTICDM. The total investment in the first phase of the project is up to about 620 million yuan. Focusing on the construction of the WNIIDZ Rui'an Tech Park,the Rui'an Sci-tech City in the WTICDM,and a new industry platform for smart car   key components in Ruian City, and in consideration of the functional orientation of the integration of the innovative and industrial chains,it is planned to construct and locate in the Park China (Ruian) Smart Sensor Valley, High-end Talent Innovation Port, Academicians' Building, Comprehensive Display Service Center, etc. In South Wenzhou will thus gather a group of high-end talents such as Academician Gu Yu, smart sensor valley projects,engineers' collaborative innovation Center, Advanced Forming Technology and Equipment Key Laboratory, and Huawei Innovation Center so as to create an innovation base and talent aggregating place there.

The person in charge of Rui'an City Sci-tech Bureau said that Rui'an Sci-tech City is striving to build and form three national-level enterprise technology centers, five major industry innovation service complexes, ten public sci-tech innovation platforms."So we will accelerate the construction of innovation platforms, the aggregation of innovative resources, innovative projects and sci-tech talents, and to cultivate new growth drivers"

At present, a group of provincial enterprises' research institutes have settled in the Tangxia North Industrial Park and the East Industrial City; the Tangxia Tech Innovation Center,supported by national-level quality inspection centers,is accelerating the construction of Tongji University (Ruian) High-end Automobile Parts and Components Research Center; Gexiang Complete Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Park, supported by a provincial-level high-tech development zone, is furthering the construction of BUAA-Zhejiang New Energy Automobile Research Institute, and building a national-level technology business incubator and a crowd-creation space.

Innovative subjects, with their gushing vitality released, promoted high-quality development

In Rui'an,with a good innovation environment,major industrial projects have been launched one after another, high-tech companies have grown up, and high-end talents are coming; an innovative “field effect” is formed with various innovative elements gathering in the Ruian Sci-tech City;large and small innovative subjects, gaining complementary and coordinated development, have jointly promoted high-quality development of South Wenzhou.

According to reports, at present, in the Ruian Sci-tech City,through 16 major provincial industrial projects,such as that of Kefeng smart car sensors,an innovation chain is being formed featuring "R&D + incubation + industrialization", which will accelerate the formation of five major industrial clusters,including that of key auto fittings worth 100 billion yuan. By implementing the plan on doubling the number of sci-tech enterprises and upgrading MSEs into high-tech enterprises and into the ones above the designated size,the number of high-tech enterprises and provincial tech-centered MSEs exceeded 500 and 1,500 respectively, Linuo Fluid Company entered into the capital market, and Huafeng Group and Ruili Group were selected as provincial leading innovative enterprises. By vigorously implementing the "1121 Plan" and "510 Talent Recruiting Plan", and holding "One Conference, One Contest" (the World Young Scientist Summit Yunjiang Sci-tech Innovation Conference and the China (Ruian) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest) for many years, more than 440 overseas and domestic R&D projects, including those of Qidi 3D printing and biological enzymes, were introduced and implemented with their sci-tech achievements incubated.

The latest statistics show that from January to April this year, the WNIIDZ Rui’an Sci-tech Park completed 64.9% of the task for introducing high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents and 60% of the task for introducing and implementing major innovative projects, and applied for 6 projects on key & core technology. In addition,   its added value of the high-tech industry grew by 41.7%. These four indicators all rated first among the WNIIDZ’s “one zone and five parks”.

The person in charge of the Ruian City Sci-tech Bureau said that in the second half of the year, the city will organize the second “horse racing” for developing "One Zone, One Corridor". The city will accelerate the construction of the Zone and the Corridor through anti-driving mechanism, monitoring and notification, coordinated linkage, and information exchanges to raise key tech innovation indicators, create excellence in key tech innovation zones, and implement major sci-tech projects so as to build an industrial highland around Daluoshan Mountain and a tech innovation center in South Wenzhou.

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