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Wenzhou Hair Embroidery Inscribed on the National List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage
Date:2021-06-14 15:55:21 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On June 10th, the State Council released the fifth representative batch of the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage (a total of 185 items) and its extended project list (a total of 140 items). Among which, the hair embroidery (Wenzhou hair embroidery) project declared by Lucheng District was on the list.

There was a total of 24 projects in Zhejiang Province that were selected for the fifth batch of the national list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, ranking first in the whole country in terms of number. It is known that, with the natural human hair as the material and sewing needle as the tool, hair embroidery boasts a long history and unique technique, and follows the rule of formative art and creates very vivid images on the smoothly-stretched bottom of satin. The range of its subject is wide, including portraits, landscapes, birds and flowers and still life. The artistic works created by hair can last forever, possessing rich aesthetic value and human connotation.

Wenzhou is rich in intangible cultural heritage resources and folk customs. In the first four batches of the State-Level Intangible Cultural Heritage List, there are 34 items from Wenzhou, such as folk songs of SHE-Minority, the Legend of Liu Bowen, Ou Embroidery, Dragon Lantern Dance, Puppetry of Pingyang, Mazu belief and customs. Moreover, Yongjia Kunqu Opera, traditional design and technique for building wooden arch bridges, Fine-line paper cutting of Yueqing, and wooden movable-type printing technique are regarded as four important items of Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity.

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