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Wenzhou’s 350 Large Scale Construction Projects to Be Completed
Date:2021-04-09 11:47:31 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Effective Picture of Past Tanghe River (Ouhai Section) Rebuilding Project

On April 6, Wenzhou’s large scale beautifying construction projects in 2021 were released. During the year, with an investment of 104.49 billion yuan, 308 of the  projects are planned to be started, and 350 to be completed.

The construction of two parks, one historical and cultural block and the areas along two rivers of Wenzhou City will continue to be strengthened.  In the block, the reconstruction of Jiefang Street will be completed, and the upgrading of the Jiushan-Songtaishan and Qingnianfang areas will be planned; along the Oujiang River, the construction of West Park on Jiangxin Islet will be launched, and the construction of the Wenzhou International Future Sci-tech Park and the east extension project of Oujiang Road will be started. In Sanyang Wetland, a conservation area and the east entrance (Phase I ) of Sanyang Park will be completed; Along the Central Axial Park, the landscape construction of its north and middle section will be started; along the Tanghe river, the central section of its ring-shaped river course will be basically connected, the Past Tanghe River (Ouhai-section) Rebuilding Project and the private museums will be fully completed, and the vibrant cultural and creative districts, such as Old Wutian Street, Dongyu Power Plant and others, will be open to the public.

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