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Wenzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone -- a New Highland for Opening up
Date:2021-04-09 11:45:37 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On the morning of March 31th, the General Administration of Customs and other eight ministries and commissions formed a national joint team to formally check and accept Wenzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone by video conference, and unanimously agreed that Wenzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Phase I) passed the formal acceptance. This marks the new era when Wenzhou has officially built a comprehensive bonded zone from a bonded logistics center.

The predecessor of Wenzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone was Wenzhou Bonded Logistics Center (Type B). Relying on the policy advantages of bonded logistics and cross-border e-commerce, in the first two months of this year, Wenzhou Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) has a total value of 52.55 million dollars import and export goods, a year-on-year increase of 854.73%, with its business volume ranking 15th in 84 bonded logistics centers nationwide (B Type). The cross-border e-commerce bonded import business has skyrocketed, with orders and sales reaching 61% and 57% of the total business volume last year, which played an important role in the development of foreign trade in Wenzhou.

With the in-depth advancement of “Five Cities and Five Highlands” strategy, the existing two major functions, bonded logistics and cross-border e-commerce, in the Wenzhou Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) cannot meet the current rapid internationalization and the urgent needs of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Wenzhou. As Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, Wenzhou Municipal Government and Wenzhou Customs actively promote its development, on March 3rd, 2020, the State Council approved the expansion and upgrading of Wenzhou Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) into Wenzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

Wenzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone is located in Wenzhou Oujiangkou Industrial Concentration Zone. It will be upgraded in two phases on the basis of Wenzhou Bonded Logistics Center (Type B), with a planned area of 1.44 square kilometers. The planned area of the first phase covers 1.16 square kilometers, and the total investment cost is about 3 billion yuan; the planned area of the second phase covers 0.28 square kilometers, and the national headquarter of “Vipshop” is planned to be built.

In terms of functional industry positioning, Wenzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone combines the advantages of traditional industries such as electric, automobile and motorcycle parts, footwear and apparel, as well as five strategic emerging industries such as digital economy, life and health, intelligent equipment, new energy, and new materials, focuses on emerging high-end industries intelligent export manufacturing cluster, Wenzhou high-quality traditional industry export manufacturing cluster, Wenzhou cross-border e-commerce cluster. Efforts will be made to build three major functional centers with a processing and manufacturing center as the leading role, a sales service center as the basic function, and a logistics distribution center as supporting facilities, to radiate and drive the formation of the surrounding industrial chain, and promote the transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou's industry.

“After upgrading to a comprehensive bonded zone, the most direct benefit to the bonded zone is the bonded processing. Since the bonded zone was approved last year, the municipal government has vigorously promoted the introduction of enterprises and the implementation of projects. 13 enterprises have entered the bonded zone by now. Besides, 7 processing companies, 10 trading companies, and 5 cross-border e-commerce companies will enter the bonded zone after check and acceptance, and many of them are leading companies in their industries.” said Zhou Wei, Chief of Comprehensive Insurance Supervision Section of the Wenzhou Customs.

Next, Wenzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone will be based on the reality of Wenzhou, give full play to its location and policy advantages, focus on the development of modern logistics, advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries, new bonded service industries, and actively engage in cross-border e-commerce and other new industries. The municipal government will deeply cultivate and expand the business field, strive to build the bonded zone into a new window for Wenzhou to open up to the outside world, providing a strong and open platform support for Wenzhou's high-level opening and high-quality development.

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