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Wenzhou's Dragon Boat Racing Venue Passes Acceptance Testing
Date:2021-04-07 10:17:40 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On March 30th, Wenzhou Dragon Boat Racing Venue Project, being the key project of Asian Games in Wenzhou, had officially passed the completion of the joint acceptance test.

Wenzhou Dragon Boat Racing Venue Project, located in Louqiao Street, Ouhai District of Wenzhou, is a key project of Zhejiang Province, which is constructed by China Construction Science and Industry Construction Limited (CSCEC) in PPP mode. With a total construction area of 23,800 square meters, it contains several parts such as the terminal tower, comprehensive pavilion, dragon viewing platform, connecting corridor and green square, with a total investment of about 230 million yuan. Overlooking across the river, the whole building shape is evolved from the image of Chinese dragon and inspiration is taken from the winding water of Oujiang River and the long stretch of Wenzhou's unique mountains, which is intended to highlight the kind and noble characteristics of Wenzhou people and manifest the striving spirit of dragon boat races.

It is learned that the project officially started on October 29th, 2019. It took 518 days to finish the completion and acceptance. As the first stadium PPP project undertaken by CSCEC, it has overcome the adverse effects like narrowing site, rainy season construction, COVID-19 Epidemic, Wenzhou typhoon, etc. from the beginning of construction. Under the premise of comprehensive protection of epidemic prevention and project quality, it has run out the "Wenzhou speed" of basement out of plus/minus zero 6 days in advance and main structure topping out 14 days in advance. The construction progress ranked first in the progress evaluation of the Asian Games Organizing Committee venues for three consecutive quarters.

It is reported that the project will become the most professional dragon boat racing venue in China after completion, being used as the main venue for the dragon boat race of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou in 2022, which will become one of the important carriers for Wenzhou to hold international and domestic large-scale sporting events and create a "national sports city".

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