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Wenzhou’s Four Hospitals Rank among National Top 100
Date:2021-04-07 10:13:20 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Do you want to know where Wenzhou’s large-sized hospitals are in medical treatment ? On March 30th, the results of the national Grade III public hospitals performance evaluation made according to the national evaluation supervising indicators in 2019 were released. The first and the second affiliated hospitals of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) were both selected as Level A+, ranking among the top 100 in the country with the former at the 18th place.  In addition, in the performance evaluation of specialized hospitals, the Eye and Optometry Hospital affiliated to WMU ranked 4th in the surgical specialty category in the country, and the Wenzhou Seventh People's Hospital ranked 24th in the psychiatric specialty category.

Grade III public hospitals are viewed as large-sized ones by ordinary people. In 2019, the performance evaluation of the hospitals began to be made nationwide in 4 aspects and by 55 indicators, including medical treatment quality, operational efficiency, sustainable development and satisfaction evaluation.  This national-level assessment is the "gold standard" for evaluating the comprehensive capabilities of regional medical services.

It is learned that in the first national hospital performance evaluation, the First Affiliated Hospital of WMU ranked 32nd, and jumped to 18th in 2019, ranking 4th in Zhejiang Province. The hospital obtained over 95% of marks in operational efficiency and satisfaction degree among the 26 national evaluation supervising indicators, which owes to its remaining true  to  its original  aspiration  for and performing the mission of “running a hospital that satisfies the people”.  The hospital is continuing to deepen the reform of " one stop, one trip ", give full play to the advantages of information technology-based affairs-handling procedures to promote the construction of a "smart hospital" and create a famous service brand. In addition, the hospital boasts complete disciplines and an outstanding comprehensive strength, particularly influential nationwide in critical care, cardiovascular intervention, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, neurosurgery, reproductive medicine, diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases, emergency medicine, etc. It is worth mentioning that the hospital will continue to increase the investment in teaching, scientific research, and talent team building to lay a solid foundation for its sustainable development.

According to the evaluation results, the Ruian People's Hospital ranked 153rd among the Level-A ones.  In the past two years, the hospital has seized the opportunity of establishing a Grade III Level A hospital, constantly improved its scientific management capabilities, conducted the quality control over the filling-in of the medical record’s first page, proactively innovated, incorporated the national evaluation core indicators into its performance evaluation system, and unceasingly raised people's satisfaction degree to its medical service.

Besides, the Eye and Optometry Hospital Affiliated to WMU ranked fourth among the Grade III Level A public hospitals (surgery specialty category) nationwide, and obtained full marks in 13 items of the entire evaluation indicators.

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