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“3D Era” for All-for-One Tourism in Dongtou
Date:2021-03-08 07:53:55 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The sightseeing helicopter lifted off at Dongtou International Life-freeing Platform.

“Awesome!” Exclaimed Ms. Chen, a citizen of Wenzhou, “As if I was watching a blockbuster.” Ms. Chen, who visited the 100-island Dongtou with her family during the Spring Festival, experienced in air the different beauty of Dongtou for the first time. The bright-colored helicopter climbed and descended in the sky against the backdrop of the sea, making the trip all the more worthwhile. From the traditional island scenic spot tour, to playing on the restored beach and visiting net-famous tourist sites, and then to the sightseeing by helicopter over the sea, tourism in Dongtou has entered the “3D era”, giving visitors an all-round immersive experience.

When the fair weather brings a touch of brilliance to the island, Jiucaiao Beach  becomes one of the choice destinations for Wenzhou citizens to relax and get close to the sea. Boarding the helicopter called “Little Bee” at Jiucaiao apron, visitors gradually ascend into the air with the whir of the propellers. Looking through the porthole, they will have a bird’s-eye view of the scenery of Dongtou from different perspectives, not only the golden coast in the east of the one hundred islands, but also the magnificent view of Banping Mountain, the “No. 1 Screen on the Sea in China”. They will also fly over the South Fort of Dongtou to overlook the statue of Qi Jiguang(1528-1588), a military leader famed for combat against Japanese pirate invaders. Zheng Yilin, Director of the offshore helicopter project, told reporters that at present, there were two helicopters on the scene to provide air tour services. Besides the eastern coastline, Luxi Island and Zhuyu Island are also among the tour routes. As the project is still in the trial operation stage, its opening hours are relatively not fixed, which will be on a regular basis after May.

Back to land from the air, visitors will see the coloured drawings in Dongtou Village and the stone houses in Dong’ao Village, as well as tourists taking pictures in twos and threes. This year, after upgrading, Yuanjue “Little Erhai Lake”, the earliest  net-famous tourist site in Dongtou, has its own real “ID”-Zhongyu Here for You, whose new setting has attracted a large wave of young people. “ ‘Zhongyu’ is the name of the island where the net-famous site is located. We plan to build a theme park focused on wedding dresses plus the concept of net-famous site around the new ID,” said Chen Shengwei, Director of Yuanjue Sub-district Office. At present, the Sub-district has introduced partners to pool distinctive net-famous tourist attractions all over the world, such as Bali net-famous Bird’s Nest, net-famous Hammock, net-famous Pink Wall and French Bubble House, “transferring” tourists to foreign countries without going abroad.

Driven by the tourism project, Dongtou’s catering, souvenirs and cultural and creative products are also booming. “There were only two Fishermen’s Family in Yuanjue, but this year only, more than 10 have been opened,” said Hu Wenjun, a frequent visitor to Dongtou.

From scenic spot tourism to all-in-one tourism, Dongtou District is actively promoting the tourism industry to fully implement the “tourism+” strategy, and gradually establishing a new development model of all-in-one tourism. Today, Dongtou is more “fun” to stay in. All major scenic spots are filled with a buzz of excitement at the beginning of the new year, bringing a good start and a new outlook to the all-in-one tourism in Dongtou. According to statistics, during the Spring Festival, the whole district received 97,100 tourists, with a tourism income of 75.6514 million yuan. In order to ensure a stable and orderly cultural tourism market, the district also carried out 7 actions to better enforce law in the cultural market, inspected 36 cultural tourism places, and urged on the spot the rectification of 21 hidden dangers so as to ensure no accidents and no complaints during the Spring Festival.

This year, Dongtou District will take building an “international tourist island” as its strategic goal to create the bright spots of “Starlight Economy” and “East Sea Stone Houses”. The “Starlight Economy”, with the theme of “Tender Blue Dreamy Night”, connects a 15 km night tour route, plans to upgrade the night tour of Wanghai Tower, optimizes the products of Starlight Economic Belt around the central fishing port, and explores the development of Starlight Economy in Dongsha Fishing Port. According to Yang Senquan, who is in charge of Muxinhe Cultural Tourism Company, the company is preparing for the “May Day” holiday two months later when a large-scale performance and fireworks show will be held on the Jiucaiao Beach and since when a small-scale performance will be held every weekend to help “ignite” Dongtou’s night economy.

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