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Wenzhou First Includes Carbon Emission Evaluation in Environmental Impact Assessment
Date:2021-03-29 08:05:21 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Wenzhou takes the lead in Zhejiang Province to carry out pilot work on the unified management of "carbon emission evaluation included in environmental impact assessment".  At present, the work on the city’s first batch of 20 industrial projects has been completed.

In January this year, in its document “Guiding Opinions on the Work of Coordinating and Strengthening the Fight against Climate Change and the Ecological Environmental Protection”, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment calls for “promoting the implementation of related policies, such as coordinating and integrating environmental assessment  management, and through planning and project environmental assessment, implementing regional, industrial and enterprises’ coal consumption reduction and substitution, and greenhouse gas emission control as well as the inclusion of the impact of climate change in the environmental impact assessment.” After more than 40 years of development, a relatively complete technical guideline, evaluation standard and management system have been formed in environmental impact assessment as part of environmental management system. The assessment has played a significant role in the industrial optimization and restructuring, prevention of low-level repetitive construction, and effective controls over ecological damage and the gross sewage discharge volume of new projects. However, the existing environmental impact assessment system has not yet included carbon emission impact assessment measures.

To this end, last year, under the guidance of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, Wenzhou incorporated the carbon emission impact assessment into the management of the environmental impact assessment, providing practical cases and sampling data for the control over carbon emission sources in construction projects.

In the pilot practice, based on Wenzhou’s industrial structure featuring not so many high-energy-consuming projects, mostly small-scale mechanical processing and light industries are included in the first batch of 20 industrial pilot projects in Wenzhou. Song Yuequn, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Zhonglan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., a third-party organization, remarked that the carbon dioxide emission indicator has been newly added into its environmental assessments for enterprises, and that the total energy consumption of the enterprises was estimated based on the emission coefficients, and the emission impacts were assessed against related standards.

It is reported that in the pilot process, in line with this city’s economic development, output value and product energy efficiency grades, the Wenzhou Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau selected total greenhouse gas emissions, greenhouse gas emissions per unit of GDP, and greenhouse gas emissions per unit of product as the main assessment factors; generally, the environmental assessment criteria are based on the greenhouse gas emissions per unit of GDP in Wenzhou City, the greenhouse gas emissions per unit of GDP and products calculated according to product energy efficiency index values. By the new environmental assessment methods, the Bureau is striving to scientifically and accurately reflect the carbon emission impacts of the pilot projects, and preliminarily establish a set of methodological system suitable for the evaluation of the carbon emission impacts of industrial enterprises in Wenzhou.

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