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Dongtou Luxi Seawater Desalination Project Officially Produces Water
Date:2021-03-29 08:04:01 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

In order to alleviate water shortage in Luxi Township, the only offshore township in Wenzhou, Dongtou District has actively promoted the construction of seawater desalination projects while keeping inter-island water transferring. On March 22, the seawater desalination project in Luxi Township officially produced water.

It is learned that the Luxi Township Seawater Desalination Project covers a land area of 3150 square meters and a total construction area of 842 square meters. The first phase of the project has been completed and can produce 500 tons of fresh water that meets the drinking water standard per day, which can effectively alleviate water shortage of the residents. The project includes water pump house, clarification tank, filter tank, clean water tank, seawater desalination equipment and public supporting works, etc.

“The water shortage has long plagued the residents living in Luxi. In recent years, our island’s tourism market has been booming. During peak seasons, the number of tourists has doubled, meanwhile, the water shortage also become more serious. Now, the desalination project will abate the problem. We B&B owners has more confidence to receive more tourists.” Shi Xianzhu, a B&B owner, told reporters.

It is learned that Luxi Township has a population of about 4,000. The existing water comes from two small reservoirs, Nanshan and Yangtian'ao, which rely on natural rainfall for replenishment. Due to the small storage capacity and rain collection area of the reservoir, the water supply capacity is limited, and the fresh water source is relatively scarce. With the development of tourism in Luxi, the number of tourists is increasing. During the spring drought and summer water shortage, the water storage capacity cannot meet the needs of residents in Luxi and residents. Especially for the drought early this year, the residents of Luxi must rely on the inter-island water transfer to alleviate the shortage of drinking water supply. This problem has long restricted the economic and social development of Luxi Township. The desalination project, as a backup water source to for the Nanshan Reservoir, will provide raw water supplement for the freshwater resources of Luxi through the municipal pipeline network, which will effectively solve the water shortage for the residents on Luxi Island to the greatest extent.

Next, Luxi Township will also actively coordinate the issues related to the mainland water diversion project. After its completion, the project will fundamentally solve the problem of water shortage that has plagued the generations of residents on Luxi.

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