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Dongtou’s Sea Products Win National Honourary Titles
Date:2021-02-11 10:44:01 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

It is learned from the Dongtou District Agricultural and Rural Bureau on February 8 that Dongtou District was awarded the two titles of the "Home of Chinese Laver" and "Home of Chinese Ecological Large Yellow Croaker" by the China Fisheries Association, which is released in its issued document. In November 2003, Dongtou was granted the title of the "Home of Hijiki in China" by the China Association of Quality Agricultural Products Development and Service. These honours mark the district’s industry featuring the two kind of algae and croaker (nicknamed "two algae and one fish") has been upgraded to the national level.

Dongtou Island’s industry mainly features the laver, hijiki, ecological large yellow croaker breeding and deep processing. Dongtou, one of the 14 island counties (districts) in the country, abundant in seafood, is the second largest fishing ground in Zhejiang, covering an area of more than 4,800 km2. It boasts unique subtropical ocean climate, varied bay landforms, vast sea, proper water currents and temperature, which makes Dongtou one of the most suitable areas for breeding marine algae in China. Thus, laver and hijiki produced here are of high quality.

It is reported that in the middle and late 1960s and early 1980s, Dongtou’s  fishermen started artificial breeding of laver and hijiki. In the past decades, Dongtou has kept on innovation in their seedlings renewal, breeding area expansion, and processing technology so that their breeding scale is dramatically enlarged, and output and quality are significantly improved. Nowadays, Dongtou has gradually become the country's largest laver and hijiki production, processing and export base.

Large-scale mariculture of the large yellow croaker in Dongtou District began in 2013.  However, in just a few years, underpinned by the key “Project of Luxi Island’s Yellow Croaker Ecological Mariculture" , the locals have made painstaking efforts in the fish breeding technology development, deep processing, ecological quality control, and its entire industrial chain creation. As a result, the ecological and organic large yellow croaker produced by the Luxi Bailongyu Ecological Ocean Ranch and the Yellow Croaker Marine Mariculture Base has become the flagship product of fishery and agriculture in the district and even the whole city of Wenzhou. By extending the ecological large yellow croaker industry to tourists’ appreciating, catching, eating and purchasing the fish, the industry on Luxi Island gained all-round development, which offered more than 500 jobs, and led to local villagers’ per capita disposable income jumping to 24,500 yuan.

In recent years, Dongtou District has vigorously promoted the regional brand construction and industrial development of "two algae and one fish". Their marine aquaculture area has reached 54,000 mu, with an annual output value of 670 million yuan. At present, the breeding and deep processing of laver, hijiki, and the ecological large yellow croaker have become the featured pillar industry of Dongtou. Online and offline-linked seafood promotion activities, such as China Hijiki Festival Dongtou, Laver Cultural Tourism Festival, and the East China Sea Yellow Croaker Festival, have been held to strengthen the market competitiveness of "two algae and one fish" and make their brands more influential.

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