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New Progress Made in Cross-border E-Commerce of Wenzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone
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The staff are busy picking and packing before filling in the delivery information for shipping during peak hour, which has become a normalcy in the warehouse of  cross-border E-commerce of Wenzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone.

For recent years, Wenzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone has achieved rapid growth in sales-volume by focusing and promoting new industry of cross-border E-commerce that has entered a fast lane of growth.

From January to mid-September of 2021, the cross-border e-commerce had completed 5,322,000 orders, 428% of the annual order volume in 2020, and RMB 1.55 billion in sales, 402% of the annual sales in 2020.

New Model of E-commerce

In the mode of cross-border e-commerce under bonded stocking, according to market forecasts and consumer demand, E-commerce enterprises can achieve centralized purchase of goods from abroad and store them in the Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, and then distribute to consumers through online retail according to the ordering region. It is learned that the current sales categories of cross-border e-commerce in Comprehensive Free Trade Zone mainly focus on imported cosmetics, maternal and infant products, health care products, etc., sold in various parts of the country.

Driven by the project, Wenzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone initiated the cross-border e-commerce "1210" (Code of customs supervision mode for “imports through bonded online shopping”) import on June 19th last year, and simultaneously launched the e-commerce platform for introducing investment at the same time. At present, there are 11 enterprises in Wenzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone operating cross-border e-commerce business (including Haiku, TRADEeasy, White Island, Bejiasheng, Ruihong, Cloud Warehouse, Haizhu, Win-Trade, Hongjujiye, Ou’ku, Vipshop, etc.). 113 cooperative e-commerce platforms are introduced such as Pinduoduo Inc., TaoBao Partner, etc. The annual sales volume is expected to be over RMB 2 billion yuan, and the cross-border e-commerce industry cluster is already well established.

On August 30th, 232 parcels sent to Taiwan successfully completed the "9610"(Customs supervision model code “9610”, standing for “e-commerce in cross-border trade” and abbreviated as “e-commerce,”) export declaration. After the on-site inspection of Wenzhou Customs, they were transported to Wenzhou Zhuyuanao Port, marking the beginning of "9610" export in cross-border e-commerce of Wenzhou comprehensive Free Trade Zone that had achieved a full chain of cross-border e-commerce services by enhancing the efficiency of the networks between districts and urban-ports linkage.

To Strengthen Fund & Attraction

At the same time, Wenzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone integrates the comprehensive competitive advantages of industrial platform, opening platform and bearing platform for strategic emerging industry to promote the transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou industry and create a new developing engine for Wenzhou in expanding opening-up in the direction of intelligent manufacturing and digital economy industries. It will actively take the initiative to connect and attract high-end intelligent manufacturing and processing-type enterprises, and create new industries with special features.

At present, Wenzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone has signed 10 projects, including the Jiushang Semiconductor PMC project, with an investment of 2.1 billion yuan. Relying on international advanced PMC technology, it will build six PMC production lines, whose overall production is expected to achieve an annual total output value of more than 4 billion yuan. In addition, it is also continued to connect several major industrial projects. Stick to all-around opening-up, so as to promote reforms, development and innovation, which will give a strong impetus to the high-quality sustainable development of Wenzhou economy.

Further Expansion of Platform Functions

Wenzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone was approved by the State Council of the People's Republic of China on March 3rd, 2020 and was formally accepted by eight ministries and commissions of the State Council on March 31st, 2021. The construction of this high-level open platform has also fully demonstrated the magic of "Oujiangkou speed".

The construction of 45,000 square meters of cross-border e-commerce park  started on August 13th, 2020, which was completed and accepted in July 2021 and put into operation in early August; There are 100,000 square meters of processing center, 41,000 square meters of integrated service center, 70,000 square meters of logistics center, and the second phase of customs fencing project has started construction. 20,000 square meters of research and development center is carrying out preliminary related works... ...Focusing on creating three main centers (i.e. processing and manufacturing center as the central role, sales and service center as the supporting role, logistics distribution center as relevant supporting), two centers (i.e. R & D design center and testing and maintenance center) as supplementary to the five functional centers, Wenzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone is gradually improving many other functions.

On September 17th, Wenzhou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Management Group Co., Ltd. was officially inaugurated, marking a milestone in further enlarging and strengthening the operation platform for enhancing the popularization and promotion of the high-quality and high-level development of the platform.

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