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Tongling Mountain Ice Sports Town Selected as a Premium Tourism Destination
Date:2021-10-16 15:17:34 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

According to the Wenzhou Sports Bureau, Tongling Mountain Ice Sports Town in Wencheng County, as the only scenic spot in Wenzhou, was honored as one of the 2021 Yangtze River Delta Premium Sports Tourism destinations this year.

The list of 2021 Yangtze River Delta Premium Sports Tourism Projects includes 14 sports tourism destinations, seven sports tourism routes, eight sports tourism events and three car self-driving sports camps. Zhejiang Sports Bureau, Anhui Sports Bureau, Jiangsu Sports Bureau, and Shanghai Sports Bureau, together with the Secretariat of the Sports Industry Cooperation Association of the Yangtze River Delta, organized the evaluation and released the results.

Tongling Mountain Town comprises eight villages and three state-owned farms, with 852 meters average altitude and over 96.5% forest coverage rate. The town is renowned as a summer resort and natural oxygen zone, and its air quality is well above the national first-class standard. There are six scenic spots, including two national 4A-level scenic spots, Tongling Mountain National Forest Park, Forest Oxygen Town, and one national 3A-level scenic spot, Monkey King Valley, and Yuelao Mountain, Tongling Village with the European style, and Xiayang Village with Southern Zhejiang folk customs; Also, the town has Swan Castle indoor ski resort, mountain hot spring, outdoor swimming pool, bicycle cycling fitness track, and Lvshuijian outdoor ski (grass skiing) resorts, hiking trails, and other sports and leisure resorts.

In 2020, the indoor skiing of Wencheng Swan Castle Ski Resort won the Zhejiang Province Sports and Leisure Tourism Excellent Project (re-evaluation). In 2018, the Lvshuijian Alpine Ski won the Zhejiang Sports and Leisure Tourism Excellent Project (re-evaluation). The town has held four consecutive ice carnivals. Many ski enthusiasts have come here to experience the fun of alpine skiing.

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