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Wenzhou’s Four Scenic Areas Selected as “Climate Healthcare Villages”
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Pingyang Huangtang Tea Expo Park in Shuitou Town of Pingyang County

On the list of the first 40 "Climate Healthcare Villages in Zhejiang Province" released by the Zhejiang Provincial Climate Center, were inscribed Wenzhou’s Four villages (or scenic spots) : Nanchen Hot Spring Townlet in Yunling Township of Yongjia County, Huangtang Tea Expo Park in Shuitou Town of Pingyang County, Yucang Mountain National Forest Park in Qiaodun Town of Cangnan County, and Wuyanling Scenic Area in Siqian Town of Taishun County.

Nestled in the high-altitude mountainous areas in the northeast of the Nanxi River in Yongjia and with terraced fields and surging clouds, Nanchen Hot Spring Townlet has a forest coverage rate of 76.67% and a negative oxygen ion concentration of over 30000 /cm3 throughout the year. The townlet boasts the only alpine hot spring at an altitude of over 500 m and an outlet temperature of 52 ℃ in South Zhejiang, which is rich in sulfur, metasilicic acid, fluorine and other elements. With the favourable climate, business forms, such as hot spring and forest health care, high-end B&Bs, agricultural crop picking, outdoor training projects and flower viewing, are developed to build a healthcare complex in North Wenzhou. Bordering Yueqing of Wenzhou and Huangyan of Taizhou, the townlet is easily accessible, which is 46 km away from the entrance of the Zhuyong Expressway S26 line, 41km from the Nanxijiang Bullet Train Station (under construction), 74 km from the Yongjia Bullet Train Station, 80 km from Wenzhou city proper, 106 km from Wenzhou Airport, and linked to county roads through the provincial road S223 line .

Located at Xinlian Village of Pingyang County and covering a total area of over  2600 mu, the Pingyang Huangtang Tea Expo Park is the core tea production area at an altitude of over 600 m. In the area, supporting facilities have been built, including a healthcare center, an art training base, an intangible cultural heritage Museum and a restaurant each under the brand name Huangtang Tea as well as tent-covered hotels, Phoenix B&B and the Stage for Folk Performance to form an ecological tourism area and tea culture industrial park so that tourists can know Pingyang, taste Huangtang Tea and experience its culture.

The Yucang Mountain National Forest Park in Qiaodun Town of Cangnan County consists of five parts located in the center and all directions of the mountain, with a total of 108 scenic spots. In the park, there are luxuriant trees, grotesque rocks, ancient temples and secluded caves with lakes at the top of the mountain reflecting the colourful clouds floating in the blue sky when it is sunny, forming a unique mountain and lake scenery. Located in the middle of subtropical zone, the park is teemed with vegetation from its south and north, mostly evergreen broadleaf forests and brilliant azaleas swaying with the wind. The scenic area is provided with amusement projects, such as cable cars, below-supported plank roads along the cliff, a glass skywalk, a cable bridge, walking paths, battery cars, and greenways. In addition, there are resort hotels, locally-featured agritainments and B&Bs around the forest park to meet the needs of tourists.

The Wuyanling Scenic Area lies in the Zhejiang Wuyanling National Nature Reserve in Taishun County. The reserve boasts a unique natural landscape with steep mountains, wide land, complex landform and primitive forests, and 2150 kinds of plants as well as over 50 kinds of animals under national special protection. There are dozens of scenic spots, such as “Could-Shrouded Peak ”, “Nanji Hill”, “Round-shaped Pond”, “Pond under Waterfall” and “Monkey King Pond”, in the scenic area. In spring, azaleas are clustering and blooming in a riot of colors on both sides of winding and stretching fire lanes on the mountain ridge; in autumn, the ridge is the best site to see the sunrise, and the “Could-Shrouded Peak” , towering and steep, in the distance.

The Wuyanling Scenic Area, 43 km from both Taishun County town and the Liyang-Ningde Expressway G40 line, is convenient in traffic. It has a special minibus line, operating two times a day, and a 10,015 m2 of parking lot, which can accommodate 178 vehicles.

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