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Yiwu-Madrid Train departs from Wenzhou
Date:2021-01-08 10:57:50 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On the morning of December 31th, 2020, Yiwu-Madrid Train Wenzhou with a full load of 260 tons of cargo departed from Wenzhou Customs Supervised Places in Ouhai District and went through the Khorgos port in Xinjiang to Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. This marks the official operation of Wenzhou railway crossing point, and Wenzhou has thus formed a new pattern of all-round opening of sea, air and railway transportation as well as postal service.

It is learned that the first batch of goods loaded on the Wenzhou trains setting off from Wenzhou were from 6 companies, with a total weight of about 260 tons and a value of about 1 million US dollars, mainly machinery and textile products. It is estimated that this train will arrive at the destination within half a month.

“Yiwu-Madrid Train has significantly facilitated Wenzhou’s export to Europe, Central Asia and other places. From January to November in 2020, a cargo value of 1.48 billion yuan has been made in Wenzhou by Yiwu-Madrid Train, equivalent to freight volumes of 50 trains, a substantial increase of 66% year-on-year.” An officer from Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce said, “With the opening of the Wenzhou railway crossing point, goods exported to Europe can complete customs clearance inspections in Wenzhou and will be directly transported by rail.”

According to reports, Wenzhou Customs Supervised Places of Yiwu-Madrid Train is located at the north side of Wenzhou West Freight Station of Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway in Ouhai District. There are 3 temporary buildings on the places, with a total construction area of 2,322.42 square meters. As an important infrastructure for Wenzhou's opening to the outside world, the project takes 18 months from preparation, initiation, construction and completion. When the places are in operation, they will offer multimodal transport customs supervision services, including local customs declaration, inspection, release, and customs clearance of inbound and outbound goods, so as to increase the transportation modes of express and cross-border e-commerce.

At present, the Wenzhou trains are operated by Wenzhou International Trade Group, a secondary company of Wenzhou Modern Group. Wenzhou Modern International Intermodal Co., Ltd., jointly invested by Wenzhou International Trade Group and Zhejiang Seaport International Intermodal Co., Ltd., is responsible for its business operation, while the station operation is in charge of Wenzhou Modern Railway Port Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wenzhou International Trade Group.

As an important part of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, Yiwu-Madrid Train has always followed the principle of “Consultation, Contribution and Shared Benefits”, and actively explored the establishment of new international rules for land-borne trade. Wenzhou Customs Supervised Places of Yiwu-Madrid Train serves as an important window for Wenzhou to open up to the outside world, and it is also an important linkage for Wenzhou to connect with Yiwu-Madrid Train and to Europe.

Next, Wenzhou will give priority to organizing the supply of goods, optimizing the platform, and strengthening the mechanism to mold the Wenzhou trains into a window for Wenzhou's opening to the outside world. The deeper cooperation between Yiwu-Madrid Train and Wenzhou government will have a far-reaching impact on enhancing Wenzhou’s economic and trade exchanges with countries along “the Belt and Road Initiative”, building a distribution center for imported goods in southern Zhejiang, northern Fujian, and eastern Jiangxi provinces, and promoting market procurement as well as the development of foreign trade import and export.

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