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Wenzhou Epidemic-prevention Museum Opens
Date:2021-01-05 11:20:54 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention Museum was opened in Yangfushan Park on December 31, 2020. In the name of the Wenzhou city, it collects items or touching pictures about Wenzhouness, at home and abroad, fighting this epidemic together, carrying forward the great spirit of combating the COVID-19 epidemic and the spirit of Wenzhounese in the new era by co-building our spiritual home.

In the face of unexpected COVID-19, Wenzhouness is demonstrating outstanding organizing and coping capacities by illustrating touching stories of battling the pandemic in Wenzhou. As a common reminder for Wenzhou people, the construction of Epidemic Prevention Museum was started in last April, by promoting voluntary donation of relevant memorial materials like images, videos, papers, things, artistic works, etc. There were 625 exhibits and 6,591 electronic materials about epidemic-prevention, full of memories, commemorations, and a historical memorial.

The exhibition area of Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention Museum is divided into three themes, “zero distance at the moment”, “being together at the moment” and “sharing destiny at the moment”, which respectively tell the story of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and government's precise policy, cadres and masses uniting as one, and people from Wenzhou around the world fighting against the epidemic together. Walking into the museum, we can see every piece of material object, every picture as well as every paragraph of account, truly restoring the city's touching moment in fighting against the epidemic and promoting development, and every citizen can find their own story.

At the opening ceremony, the most beautiful anti-epidemic person, exhibit donors, volunteers and public representatives jointly launched the opening of Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention Museum. Wenzhou people at home and abroad also sent best wishes for the opening of the Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention Museum through the video. Li Xiaokun, principal of Wenzhou Medical University, said that the opening of the Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention Museum is a great event for all Wenzhou citizens, as a historical memorial for the people uniting as one and fighting against the epidemic, and as an interpretation and inheritance of the great spirit of fighting against the epidemic. Zhang Wenhong, director of Infectious Diseases Department at Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, expressed that Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention Museum had recorded every details of Wenzhou's epidemic prevention work, hoping that we could accumulate useful experience from epidemic prevention work to lay a solid foundation for the follow-up epidemic prevention and to contribute to the construction of public health system.

Besides entity museum, Virtual Reality Platform Museum (VRP- Museum), as Online expended Wenzhou Epidemic Prevention Museum, was launched, which is convenient for citizens to upload their experiences, stories, inspirations, images and videos through mobile phone or computer for online exhibition, together witnessing the battle against the pandemic in Wenzhou.

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