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Wenzhou’s 3 Districts Named Provincial Culture & Tourism Integration Pilot Zones
Date:2021-01-05 11:18:08 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

A few days ago, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism released a list of recognized "Zhejiang Provincial Culture and Tourism Industry Integration Pilot Zones (ZPCTIIPZ)". 25 counties (county-level cities or districts) were inscribed on the list, among which are Lucheng District, Wencheng County and Cangnan County of Wenzhou City.

It is learned that the creation of the ZPCTIIPZ was launched in the second half of 2019 and included in the provincial government work report this year. A total of 25 counties (county-level cities or districts) were named "Zhejiang Provincial Culture and Tourism Industry Integration Pilot Zones" .The name will be valid until December 31, 2023. The construction of the ZPCTIIPZ will promote the in-depth integration of culture and tourism. On the principle of “integrating suitably what contains culture into tourism”, we will do a good job of the bringing culture, especially that with local characteristics, into the existing scenic areas, and of the functional transformation of cultural resources, promoting the inclusion of museums, cultural centers, art galleries, archaeological sites, etc. into tourism to display Chinese cultural heritage through tourism.

In recent years, Lucheng, Wencheng, and Cangnan have been striving to deeply integrate culture into tourism.

Lucheng District has constructed 22 cultural tourism projects by making use of its geographical resources, such as two rivers, one island and one block; kept on constructing the national-level pilot project of "intangible cultural heritage in communities" and provincial-level Ouyue cultural heritage ecological protection zone in the three major pilot zones of “tourism plus intangible heritage”, “tourism plus cultural facilities" and “tourism plus cultural relics”; focusing on urban night tours including artistic performance, delicious food and consumption, launched the scenic spots of "Night Tour on the Oujiang River", " Night View of the Tanghe River " and “Intangible Heritage Ou-flavour Food Street”. Next, Lucheng District will strengthen culture and tourism integration and supply-side structural reforms to create a model area of the province's moonlight economy. To this end, it took main measures for increasing the supply of night tour products, optimizing the mechanism of public service places opening at night, accelerating 5G smart night tour demonstration areas construction, and guiding social forces to participate in the operation of culture and tourism integration to promote the diversification of tourism investment entities.

Wencheng County has consistently taken eco-tourism as the "No. 1 industry". In terms of the B&B construction, it tapped into the connotation of Liu Berwen’s hometown culture, overseas Chinese culture and She nationality culture, and proactively explored new tourism industry forms, including returned overseas Chinese-run agritainments with combined Chinese and Western cultures; in terms of performing art business, it created various artistic performance programs, such as "Dancing and singing with real waterfalls as setting”, “A lady crossing the river by standing on a single bamboo", "Local-featured variety shows at Liu Bowen’s hometown” and "Wencheng’s Guci (an ancient Chinese folk art form )" . Next, guided by planning, and driven by innovation, brand construction, industry integration and market linkage, Cannan will focus on enriching the supply of culture and tourism products, making Liu Bowen’s hometown culture more influential and stronger, and explore the development model of culture-and-tourism-integrated scenic areas so as to build Wencheng into a famous international tourism destination.

Cangnan County chose Fanshan Town’s Fudewan Scenic Area as the cultivating and pilot zone for culture to enter tourist attractions in 2020 to create a tourist route featuring industry at Fudewan the alunite capital of the world. Meanwhile, the county comprehensively promoted intangible cultural heritages and cultural industries into the scenic area and its cultural facilities construction to enrich its cultural elements and upgrade the cultural services. In addition, through a series of measures, such as analyzing the distinctive culture and creating featured project of scenic areas, and carrying out characteristic cultural activities and developing cultural industries,  thoroughly implemented the projects for scenic areas upgrading with culture and the cultural gene decoding to promote the individualized development of culture-and- tourism-integrated scenic areas. Next, by standardized construction and study of "culture entering scenic areas", Cangnan will harmoniously integrate culture and scenic areas, and activate cultural resources to create iconic cultural tourism brand.

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