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The First Overhead Corridor in Wenzhou Opens
Date:2021-01-05 11:16:07 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On January 1, the Overhead Corridor of Wenzhou High-speed Railway New Town (hereinafter referred to as the Corridor) officially opened, becoming the first overhead corridor in Wenzhou. As the Phase I project of the Overhead Corridors in Wenzhou High-speed Railway New Town, the Corridor is located along Ningbo Road on the east side of Wenzhou South Railway Station, with its standard section being 5 meters wide and 1765 meters long.

Ms. Jin, a merchant in the Daxiang Shopping Mall, was happy to see the opening of the Corridor. She said that it took great pains and a long way for her to move her goods by stairs in the past. Now with the help of the Corridor, she can pull her clothes from Wenzhou South Railway Station to the mall with a cart through the flat and convenient channel of the Corridor. “I hope this corridor will bring more passenger flow to the mall,” said Ms. Jin.

The Corridor connects Wenzhou South Railway Station with the Daxiang Shopping Malll, Wenzhou Railway Station South Business City, Dragon International Plaza, Barony Residences and other commercial complex buildings. Some pedestrians have already shuttled through the Corridor between various shopping malls, not affected by the ground traffic flow.

“The overhead corridor is different from the traditional pedestrian overpasses. Before designing it, we went to Xujiahui and Lujiazui in Shanghai for investigation and study, and invited a professional team from South Korea to design it,” said the relevant person in charge of the Comprehensive Management Center of Wenzhou South Railway Station, “The whole Corridor, with the theme of ‘The Road of Lovely Wenzhou’, integrates such artistic elements as fine grain paper carving, movable type printing and Ou embroidery, which are typical of Wenzhou culture.” The Corridor is the highlight of the PPP project of industry-city integration of Wenzhou New High-speed Railway City. It facilitates the short-distance transportation from Wenzhou South Railway Station, and enables passengers to take buses immediately after getting off trains. Besides, the Corridor provides public space to enhance public contact and exchange, promotes the prosperity of commercial activities around the Corridor, and connects all main buildings in the High-speed Railway business circle and the city gardens to form a landmark slow traffic system in the High-speed Railway New Town, so that tourists have more convenient access to food, shopping and leisure.

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