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“100,000 Artisans Cultivation Project” Launched in Wenzhou
Date:2021-01-31 09:31:22 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Taking talents as the key to development, Wenzhou has focused its efforts on talent work and deployed the action of “Millions of Talents Gather in Wenzhou” at the beginning of the year. On January 27th, 2021, the launching ceremony of “100,000 Artisans Cultivation Project” was held. This year, Wenzhou will fully expand its skilled personnel team by carrying out more than 120,000 person-times of vocational skills training, and helping over 80,000 skilled personnel pass examinations and obtain certificates.

Since the reform and opening-up, a large number of skilled craftsmen have emerged in Wenzhou, which enables the city to take the lead in manufacturing industry. In the new era, facing the mission of the time to upgrade industrial base and modernize industrial chain, Wenzhou cannot do without a team of highly skilled talents with unique or exquisite skills. Last year, up to 180,000 skilled personnel in Wenzhou underwent training online or offline. Through a series of innovative measures to upgrade skills and stabilize posts for better employment and entrepreneurship, Wenzhou ranks on top in Zhejiang Province in the number of newly-added high-skilled and certified personnel and in the achievements and indicators of supporting enterprises to resume work and production by offering training at work posts. However, statistics reveal that about 70% of key enterprises in Wenzhou still have a shortage of skilled talents, mainly in the technical industries such as construction engineering, electromechanical technology, textile, clothing and shoes making, and general equipment manufacturing.

As the “base” of the talent pyramid, skilled talents are connected with the growth of industry and talents. To speed up the construction of a modern and high-quality “artisan talent” team, the Talent Office of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Wenzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau initiated the “100,000 Artisans Cultivation Project”. As required by the action, a large-scale, all-round and high-quality vocational skills promotion campaign will sweep the city to improve the scale and quality of the craftsman talent team in the city. Relevant measures include training and assessment, cultivation by vocational and technical colleges, selection through skill contests, direct identification, independent evaluation and identification, project training and development, identification by industry sectors, joint recruitment and introduction, etc.

In terms of training and assessment, Wenzhou will vigorously implement the three-year action plan of upgrading vocational skills, expand the project of identifying jobs at vocational skills level, and give play to the incentive and guiding role of post allowance. In terms of the cultivation by vocational and technical colleges, “1+X” vocational skills evaluation will be adopted for graduates of secondary vocational and higher vocational colleges, who are encouraged to receive more training. Schools and enterprises will join hands to foster new apprentices of enterprises and implement support actions for upgrading the vocational skills of young talents. At the same time, Wenzhou will actively popularize the pilot work of professional skill level identification of industrial enterprises.

Since the “510 Plan” to attract college graduates was initiated, Wenzhou has innovated the mode of gathering and attracting talents and released the “siphon effect” of talents. By incorporating the high-skilled talents recruitment into the “510 Plan”, non-native high-skilled talents will be lured to seek jobs or start businesses in Wenzhou since they can enjoy the 10 packaged policies for talents at corresponding levels.

At the launching ceremony, medals were awarded to high-skilled personnel or supporting platforms such as Wenzhou Technician College, which is a National High-skilled Personnel Training Base in 2020, Chen Chang’an Studio, which is a National Studio of Skills, and leaders of Studio of Skills in Zhejiang in 2020. In addition, the Pingyang Branch of Wenzhou Technician Institute(WZTI) was announced at the ceremony to be set up under the support of WZTI, Pingyang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Pingyang Education Bureau, aiming to fill the gap of high-quality industrial skilled talents in Wenzhou and innovate cooperation between schools and local governments. 1,200 full-time students are planned to be recruited every year.

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