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1st Integrated Charging Station Put Into Use in Wenzhou
Date:2021-01-03 08:10:08 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On December 28th,2020, Guanghua integrated charging station of State Grid Wenzhou Power Supply Company was officially put into use. This is the first integrated charging station of the State Grid with the functions of photovoltaic, energy storage, charging and battery replacement, and the first charging station in Wenzhou that integrates electric vehicle charging and battery replacement services. Meanwhile, Wenzhou Transportation Group Automobile Service Co., Ltd. delivered the first batch of 80 charging-replacement integrated  vehicles, and 700 vehicles will be put into use in the future.

Guanghua Integrated Charging Station can provide battery replacement services for more than 240 electric vehicles every day, as well as fast charging services for 8 vehicles at the same time. The so-called battery replacement refers to the replacement of power batteries for electric vehicles. With the entire mechanized operation, the entire process only takes 3 minutes.

“The replacement is faster than refueling. Although the cost is slightly higher than charging, it is much lower than that of a fuel car. I can save more than an hour of charging time, and I can run at least 40 yuan more.” Zhu Zhaoliang, a taxi driver, can check in his mobile phone that the “replacement” costs 43 yuan, and the endurance mileage is about 300 kilometers.

“Compared with charging, battery replacement shows obvious advantages. At present, the cost of new energy vehicles mainly lies in the battery. The separation of vehicle and battery can greatly reduce the consumer's car purchase cost." Wang Yi, deputy general manager of State Grid Wenzhou Power Supply Company, introduced.

Next, State Grid Wenzhou Power Supply Company will build three charging station complexes integrating charging, battery replacement, photovoltaic, energy storage and other functions around the Daluoshan Science and Technology Corridor so as to fully serve the development of Wenzhou’s new energy economy.


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