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Wenzhou Creates “Smart Brain”for Social Assistance
Date:2020-09-07 10:02:10 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The Wenzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau (WMCAB) has built the first city-wide "Social Assistance Information System (SAIS) in Zhejiang Province to further facilitate application for assistance and its approval. The bureau has also created an assistance service alliance to offer targeted assistance in financial difficulties so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of social assistance.

Offering Timely Assistance by Online Monitoring and “Early Warning”

Here is a story about the assistance of such a kind. In early August this year, Cheng Chengzhao, a villager in Fengnan Village of Fengwo Town, Pingyang County, was found to have a brain cancer. Through a related module of the Zhejiang Provincial Social Assistance Information System, the Pingyang County Civil Affairs Bureau timely captured the out-of-pocket amount of his medical expenses, which is large. According to the provisions of the temporary relief measures, a temporary grant of 32,160 yuan was credited to his bank account in time with no need of his application for help, solving his burning problem of paying the medical expenses.

At present, the WMCAB is strengthening the co-construction and sharing of the assistance information system by related departments. By sharing the information from their medical insurance department, Disabled Persons’ Federation and Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Taishun County and Pingyang County have been closely monitoring needy people suffering from chronic and serious diseases, families with dramatic income decrease or expenditure increase due to illness, disability and other reasons, and those whose bread winner died, and have offered assistance to those eligible timely. In addition, Taishun County carries out a monthly cross comparison of related data to proactively provide assistance to eligible families and personnel. On the other side, by joint efforts, Cangnan County’s civil affairs and procuratorial departments effectively prevented prisoners from illegally receiving the subsistence allowances .

In addition, Wenzhou has established a "regular visit" mechanism. Village and township cadres and their Party members are mobilized to provide visiting services to needy families, recording their potential risks in six aspects, including economy, health and education, and follow-up visits are paid to confirm the elimination of the hidden risks. The regular visits are implemented by varied ways in different counties.  In Pingyang County, the task is fulfilled by a third-party, whose services have been purchased by the County government, and in Wencheng County, the visit record is made by scanning a special QR code of the assistance platform.

Creating a "Smart Brain" to Offer More Efficient Social Assistance

In order to minimize application materials and approval procedures of social assistance, the WMCAB established the province's first city-wide SAIS to enable the application for social assistance to be handled with only a citizen’s ID card, and to be filed in one county (or district) and handled in another one. An applicant can be helped to do assistance-related affairs with no need of his trip. With the SAIS, 93% of application materials are simplified, and difficulties in their receipt and in doing related affairs solved. "Now, only with an ID card, application for social assistance can be received at any assistance-handling window in the city and village cadres or social organizations will offer assistance to those who have difficulties in application, " said a source from the WMCAB.

Currently, Wenzhou is exploring “unconscious intelligent assistance services” supported by a “Smart Brain" (a big data function module ) to realize people’ assistance application filed with handhold devices (such as mobile phones),  related policy analysis and decision-making at the assistance platform, rapid approval of the assistance items to effectively defuse the poverty risk of the disaster-stricken people so that nowadays, the government is proactively looking for and solving people’s difficulties according to policies instead of people’s asking the government for solving their problems. For example, Yueqing City has established the first social assistance service center in the province, and based on collected 67 assistance items from 16 departments, developed a module for the related policy analysis and decision-making  so that applications for assistance can be properly handled according to related policies.

Establishing a Social Assistance Service Alliance to Offer Targeted Assistance for Needy Families

Wenzhou has established a social assistance service alliance. China Telecom, Wenzhou Branch, as a cooperation partner of the alliance, released the poverty alleviation-oriented preferential policies for villagers' telecommunication consumption , and provide services at their homes. For example, a few days ago, with the help of township cadres, the Telecom’s staff members came to the home of Mr. Li, a senior citizen in county-level Yuqing City to help him check his mobile phone bills, and handle a telecommunication service package for him, including the use of a mobile phone, broadband, digital TV and monitor at a discounted price. Now, Mr. Li's monthly total telecommunication fee is only half of the original.

In order to organize all social forces to participate in the social assistance efficiently and orderly, and to promote the coordination among the demand releasing party, the resources supplier and the service provider, the WMCAB has established a  assistance service alliance named " Caring Offered to Your Home", which under the leadership of government departments, focuses on assistance projects with social forces as the backbone to carry out assistance at workstations spread across the city  In 2020, the alliance will focus on establishing a platform and implementing 10 major assistance service projects by uniting with 100 organizations devoting to assistance and with 1,000 volunteers to be recruited so as to offer assistance services for 10,000 person-times.

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