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New 3A-Level Scenic Villages and Towns in Wenzhou
Date:2020-09-04 10:37:59 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Recently, after comprehensive assessment, a new group of villages and towns in Wenzhou have been rated as 3A-level scenic spots in Zhejiang Province, including the 3A-level scenic town of Liufeng Township in Taishun County and 11 scenic villages such as Qingjie Village in Qingjie Township of Pingyang County. Now, Wenzhou homes 9 scenic towns (townships, sub-districts) above 3A level (including 3A), and 171 3A-level scenic villages.

In recent years, Wenzhou City, oriented at the construction of counties (cities, districts) or towns (townships, sub-districts), has sped up its pace to create a group of livable, workable, and touristic areas with profound cultural endowments, beautiful and harmonious living environment, rich and diverse leisure products, complete public services, and comprehensive management. At present, there are six 4A-level scenic towns (townships, sub-districts) including Xikeng She Nationality Town in Wencheng County, three 3A-level scenic towns (townships, sub-districts) including Qidu Sub-district in Lucheng District, and two 3A-level scenic counties of Wencheng and Taishun.

Liufeng Township, rated 3A-level this time, is located in the southeast of Taishun County. With time-honored folk culture and She ethnic culture, it has such historical sites as Duntou Bridge (a historical and cultural site under provincial government protection), the former residence of Wang Weiliang (a historical and cultural site under county government protection), Family Wang’s Residence, and the Wang's Ancestral Hall. Besides, Yunlan Ranch, the only Australian-style leisure ranch in Zhejiang Province, is also located in Liufeng Township. It has a large lawn, a grass skating field, a cattle garden, a playground, Cicy magic house, etc., which has become an internet-famous site and a destination for parent-child travel and research.

A-level scenic village is the key of the project of "Creating Thousands of Scenic Villages” in Zhejiang Province. A few days ago, the expert panel carried out evaluation of scenic villages for acceptance, focusing on such indexes as natural landscape, architectural style, historical relics, experience activities and tourism supporting services. In the end, 11 villages stood out in the evaluation, i.e., Qingjie Village in Qingjie Township of Pingyang County, Yanqian Village in Nanyan Town of Pingyang County, Zhouyang Village in Wanquan Town of Pingyang County, Shanglinyang Village in Kunyang Town of Pingyang County, Weicuo Village in Xiyang Town of Taishun County, Shangpai Village in Shiyang Town of Taishun County, Shangcun Village in Yayang Town of Taishun County, Xianju Village in Luoyang Town of Taishun County, Luli Village in Sankui Town of Taishun County, Neishan Village in Fanshan Town of Cangnan County and Xiaguan Village in Xiaguan Town of Cangnan County. These villages, by dint of the exquisite natural scenery and rich folk customs, or the integration of culture, tourism and sports, the experience of intangible cultural heritage etc., have comprehensively upgraded their mountains, water, fields, forests, farm houses, streets, etc. By developing the core rural cultural tourism products, they are painting a new picture of the beautiful countryside.

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